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High-Quality Call Recording on Demand

Telnyx is excited to introduce native cloud recording for inbound and outbound calling. Preserve conversations and capture metrics

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Telnyx is excited to introduce native cloud recording for inbound and outbound calling. Preserve important conversations, capture benchmarking metrics and avoid future liability—through the same convenient Mission Control portal or programmatically with the Telnyx API.

The Advantage of Telnyx Call Recording

High Quality

Recording calls is a standard practice among call centers, sales teams and regulated industries, but bolt-on solutions can be low quality or difficult to integrate with your other systems. Telnyx adapted our granular call handling to offer native call recording that writes audio directly from endpoint to long term storage.


Configure Telnyx to record inbound calls, outbound calls or both using number and outbound profile settings. Use your existing setup—enable recording for specific departments, teams or individuals—or pair call recording with call routing for even more granular configurations.


Call recording is fully accessible via API: Configure settings and find, manage, download and delete recordings. Integrate call recordings into your existing applications for a seamless call experience from origination to conversation to record.

Better-quality recording on the call platform you’ve built out to specification.

Features of Telnyx Call Recording

We worked closely with existing customers to build a call recording product aligned with your needs.
  • Specs
    • Automated
    • High quality audio
    • .MP3 or .WAV file format
    • Flexible configuration
  • Storage
    • Immediately available
    • Long term retention
    • Time-stamped and searchable
  • Coming soon :
    • Single or dual channel recordings
    • Start recording at ring or at answer

Use Cases for Telnyx Call Recording

Call recording improves transparency into customer experiences. You or your clients may want to record calls for:
  • Monitoring -Quality assurance -Process or script adherence
  • Improvement -Training and coaching -Call analysis or benchmarking -Lead scoring
  • Precaution -Dispute resolution -Legal compliance
Read more about call recording use cases and the benefits it brings to business.

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