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RCS business messaging API fact sheet

RCS business messaging API allows you to deliver app-like experiences in a single channel. Learn more by reading our fact sheet:

Product Marketing Manager, Telnyx

By Risa Takenaka

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RCS business messaging brings app-like experiences to texting.

Google RCS API is a communication protocol that provides a richer set of features than traditional SMS text messaging. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is an industry-wide initiative that aims to upgrade SMS protocol with a more modern and feature-rich standard.

RCS messaging provides businesses with a number of features that are not available with SMS, such as verified messaging, multimedia support, reply suggestions, high-quality photo and video.

Deliver next-generation communication with Telnyx: you can reach your customers on a variety of channels including SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, VSMS, and iOS Business chat through a single API.

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Learn more about:

  • Popular RCS Business Messaging use cases.
  • Specific RCS Business Messaging features.
  • How to get started with Telnyx messaging and RCS.

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