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FastPort® — Free, Automated Porting

Porting phone numbers between carriers can be frustrating. Introducing FastPort® — a seamless solution to save you time and money.

By Odhran Reidy

FastPort Feature

Porting phone numbers between carriers can be incredibly frustrating. That's why we built FastPort® — a seamless, hassle-free porting solution that can save you both time and money.

Serve audiences at speed

Submitting your port shouldn’t take days or weeks. Our easy-to-use portal and API streamline the process, giving you back valuable time to focus on growing your business. FastPort® removes any need for you to communicate with the losing carrier. Using the Telnyx Portal, you can bulk port all your phone numbers in just a few clicks. Or, integrate with the Telnyx API to uncover all the benefits of our porting process within your own solution, and deliver an exceptional initial customer experience.

As you grow and scale globally, your provider should be able to handle your needs seamlessly. In building our global network, we focused on making sure we can fully serve customer needs across voice, messaging and wireless solutions — making it easy to scale communications.

Remove confusion and gain complete control

The standard industry porting process involves multiple emails, a lot of wasted time, and eventually rejected port requests. And the result is often customer confusion and frustration. We've therefore dedicated significant time to solving these issues so that porting is painless for everyone.

Whether you port numbers daily or just a few times a year, we've optimized our process to be as intuitive as possible. Number porting often comes with large blocks of numbers or high-priority projects. That’s why we focus on delivering ultimate reliability and transparency — at speed.

If you need to port 100, 1,000 or 10,000 numbers, FastPort® eliminates all friction and duplication, providing you with complete transparency throughout the process. And in dealing with complex use cases and time-sensitive projects, we’ve continually improved our porting experience to include features like:

  • Automatic carrier identification so numbers are segmented into porting sub-requests with pre-filled information, saving you significant admin time.
  • Real-time data validation on your port — either programmatically or through the portal.
  • With direct SS7 into the NPAC, you can track and monitor the progress of your port requests.
  • Easy editing of your ports, even after submission.
  • Scheduled cutover times and fast number activation in a matter of clicks. Choose to activate ported numbers on-demand or at a specified time.

Free porting with expert support

You shouldn’t need to be an expert on porting. We built our own team of porting experts, dedicated to moving your numbers faster, so you can focus on your business. We have the only team in the industry fully trained on completing your domestic and international ports, having streamlined our internal processes over years of experience.

Unlike other providers, our port-ins are free, with no hidden fees. We don’t believe in charging you for each port or charging for different tiers of support. Our experts have you covered 24/7, accessible via chat, phone or email so you can always talk to a person — never a bot.

Whether you're looking to port in local, national or international numbers, reduce your porting costs and cutover times with Telnyx.

How do I get started?

Getting started with hassle-free porting is easy. Sign up for our Mission Control Portal and see why Telnyx is the industry choice for number porting.

If you still have questions about porting, reach out to our experts who are accessible 24/7 or check out our fact sheet for more info.

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