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Get a Toll-Free Number With Telnyx

Telnyx makes it easy to get a toll-free number. Which vanity number do you need? Try our Toll-Free Number Search widget.

Josh Whitaker
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Telnyx makes it easy to get a toll-free number. Which vanity number do you need?
Does it contain a specific word? Or does it need to match your local phone number?
The powerful Telnyx Toll-Free Number Search scours our number database for the number you need and checks availability in the general toll-free number pool. Either way, you can select, purchase and spin up a new vanity number in less than a minute from the Telnyx toll-free numbers page.

Absolute Call Control

Telnyx Toll-Free features built-in resilience and cost-savings. As a RespOrg that controls our number routing tables, we perform Least Cost Routing for all calls. By choosing the carrier with the lowest costs and having the ability to remove a low-performant carrier from the rotation, Telnyx ensures the lowest cost toll-free service that is also the most reliable. Telnyx maintains direct, redundant connections to each toll-free carrier.

Designed for You

Set up your new toll-free number to your specifications:
  • Forward calls from your new toll-free number to any number globally.
  • Spin up a SIP trunk connection to deliver toll-free calls to your system.
Apply Telnyx Voice API to your toll-free calls for even more granular control. Get the numbers you want. We’ll provide the service and configurability you need.
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