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Introducing Global Edge Router

Read about our new instantaneous multi-cloud failover solution, so you can protect your business from major cloud outages.


By Fiona McDonnell

Global Edge Router from Telnyx

Telnyx is excited to announce the launch of our latest product—Global Edge Router.

As part of our growing suite of networking and connectivity solutions, we built Global Edge Router so users can manage low-latency, highly-available multi-cloud services anywhere in the world, with confidence.

What is Global Edge Router?

Global Edge Router ensures efficient data packet delivery from one network to another. Our edge routers employ BGP-anycast routing, network address translation (NAT) and a series of health checks at both the IP level and application layers to deliver a reliable and resilient system for data packet delivery.

Thanks to our global network of 25+ edge PoPs, when a request reaches an unhealthy node we can route to another live server automatically—no manual intervention required—so your services never appear offline.

Global Edge Router also employs BGP-anycast to ensure failover between the largest cloud providers in the event of a major outage—empowering businesses to implement a redundant multi-cloud strategy.

What is BGP-anycast?

BGP-anycast is a networking technique used in cloud services to find the shortest path for a request from a user to the best-performing data center. This technique decreases latency in data packet delivery, resulting in an enhanced end-user experience.

BGP-anycast vs. DNS

While DNS can also be used to route traffic in the event of a failure, it is not a perfect solution. DNS changes are not instantaneous and are based on a TTL (time to live) value—which can delay traffic re-routing, even when a server is down. Since BGP-anycast finds the best-performing data center, it reduces latency.

What’s more, DNS caching can cause prolonged connection to a failed server—even after a record has been updated—causing services to appear offline.

Choose Telnyx as your edge network

Multi-cloud failover

Most cloud providers use BGP-anycast on their own cloud networks in the event that one of their sites become overloaded or goes down entirely. But as more and more business move towards multi-cloud and self-hosted solutions, Telnyx realized there was no solution that provided instant failover between cloud providers.

That’s why we created Global Edge Router—so you can maintain the agility and cost-savings associated with multi-cloud, but have confidence that there’s a resilient failover in place if a provider goes offline.

We’re networking experts

Our engineering team are network engineering experts. They’ve been building our real-time communications network for over a decade.

While some organizations have decided it’s worth the investment in people and materials to build out their own edge networks, Telnyx can do the heavy lifting for you—at substantially less time and cost–—so you can focus on what you do best, while we act as your edge.

Maintain control

All Telnyx products and services are available in our customer-facing portal, and Global Edge Router is no different. View analytics and site stats in Mission Control and choose your bandwidth capacity so you have complete control over your network configuration and transparency over the health of our sites.

Take a look at the demo to get a view of what you can do in the portal.

Configure Global Edge Router from Telnyx in less than 10 minutes.

Get started with Global Edge Router today

Global Edge Router is live in the Mission Control Portal. To get started you’ll need to set up Cloud VPN and purchase a Global IP in the Networking tab of the portal. Follow the guide or reach out to our support team in the portal.

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