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Execute a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Global Edge Router

Increase redundancy on multi-cloud applications and services with Global Edge Router from Telnyx.


By Fiona McDonnell

Implement a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Telnyx Global Edge Router

Being “multi-cloud” generally means using multiple cloud providers—such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud—in a single network architecture. By distributing cloud-based resources, applications, and data across several cloud providers, companies can minimize the risk of downtime and increase margins.

It sounds good, but configuring multi-cloud failover can be tricky. In this post, we’ll highlight potential roadblocks and explain how Telnyx can help you increase the redundancy and reliability of your multi-cloud infrastructure with Global Edge Router.

What are the benefits of using multiple cloud providers?

Harnessing the power of multiple cloud providers not only bolsters your services' reliability but also offers many other advantages. Let's explore these benefits, starting with the crucial aspect of increased redundancy.

Increased redundancy

Every cloud service is prone to error—even the largest providers, like AWS and Google Cloud, have reported complete outages on their services over the past couple of years.

To ensure applications and services stay online, available, and protected, businesses can host services on a diversified network that isn’t reliant on a single cloud provider.

At Telnyx, we’ve been running our services on our private IP network and across multiple cloud providers for almost a decade for increased redundancy—resulting in minimal downtime for our users, even in the event of large outages.

Diversified infrastructure goes a long way in minimizing the risk of data loss and downtime due to outages beyond your control so your customers' data stays protected and your services remain online.

Increased flexibility

Using multiple providers means companies can change which cloud service suits their needs best based on available features. They’re not tied to one provider—who might not even offer what’s required—which allows businesses to quickly create and release new features, increasing GTM efficiency.

Controlling costs

One of the largest increases in costs for many businesses has been the increased cost associated with cloud storage—which has had a huge impact on the bottom line of many companies.

When businesses are tied to one cloud provider to host services, there can be little to no room to negotiate. By moving to a multi-cloud or self-hosting solution, a business can reduce their cloud spend and maintain some leverage over large cloud vendors.

Roadblocks with going multi-cloud

Navigating the multi-cloud landscape can pose challenges, from ensuring seamless failover between services to managing the complexities of network configuration. Let's explore these two major roadblocks and learn how Telnyx's Global Edge Router can help overcome them.

Failover between services

Major cloud providers offer instantaneous failover in the event of site outages, but only on their own services. If an entire network goes down, services can appear offline while sites are spun back up, and re-routing occurs.

Global Edge Router from Telnyx uses BGP-anycast across all major cloud providers for automatic failover, so services never appear offline.

Telnyx Global Edge Router Network Configuration Telnyx Global Edge Router Network Configuration

With Global Edge Router, businesses can have peace of mind that their services remain available and accessible to end users, even in the event of major cloud outages.

Telnyx Global Edge Router for instantaneous multi-cloud failover Telnyx Global Edge Router for instantaneous multi-cloud failover

Capital-intensive network configuration

A business focused on delivering applications and services will likely require low-latency, high-availability interactions to please end users. But without a networking team, where do you start on improving network performance or diversifying cloud architecture?

Most businesses won’t have the time or capital to invest in building out a global edge network to help increase network performance. At Telnyx, we spent 10+ years building out our private network for real-time communications with a networking team of certified experts.

Increase your multi-cloud redundancy and reliability

Global Edge Router gives businesses access to our edge network. With 25 PoPs located in strategic hubs around the world, our latest product routes data close to the end user to speed up content and service delivery.

If you know you need improved network performance but don’t have the capital to hire a team of engineers and purchase hardware—choose Telnyx as your edge.

To start testing Global Edge Router, sign up to the Mission Control Portal and get started by following our guide to configure your network.

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