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Elevating communication with new HD voice access

Telnyx now offers access to high-quality, crystal clear audio with HD voice.

Kelsie Anderson

By Kelsie Anderson

Telnyx is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to our SIP Trunking offering: the introduction of high-definition (HD) voice. With this new feature, businesses and individuals can access and experience unprecedented audio quality to elevate every interaction.

At the time of publication, Telnyx is currently the only service provider offering direct access to HD voice. The development of this feature underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier, innovative solutions to our users.

What is HD voice?

HD voice is a cutting-edge technology that goes above and beyond traditional voice call clarity. It provides a richer, more natural sound that makes conversations as clear as speaking face-to-face. By extending the frequency range of audio signals, HD voice captures and transmits sound in a way that’s more true to the original source.

How HD voice transforms your calls

Integrating HD voice into our SIP Trunking solution means that every call made using Telnyx is infused with unparalleled clarity and crispness. This enhancement allows you to create a more immersive and engaging communication experience.

Whether it's a crucial business meeting, a customer service call, or a personal conversation, HD voice ensures you hear every word with exceptional clarity. By capturing the nuances of human conversation—including emotional tone and subtle inflections—with HD voice, you can significantly improve understanding and engagement in various settings, from customer support to telehealth consultations.

Hear the difference

You don’t have to take our word for it to understand the difference between the HD voice and standard voice experiences. Check out our recordings to compare voice quality yourself.

Standard voice quality

HD voice quality

Get started with HD voice with Telnyx

The launch of HD voice for Telnyx SIP Trunking marks a significant milestone in telecommunication. By offering this exclusive feature, we aim to enhance the quality of voice calls and redefine the standards of communication.

Join us in embracing this exciting new era, and experience the true power of HD voice. Sign up for a free Telnyx account, or check out our support documentation for more information on the difference HD voice can make to your call experiences.

Contact our team to learn how HD voice can give every conversation the clarity and richness it deserves.

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