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Increase Lead Conversions With Number Lookup

Implementing real-time intelligence into your inbound sales is the fastest way to start generating value with number lookup.

By Odhran Reidy

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Advanced number lookup tools, put simply, tell you who’s calling before you pick up the phone. They’re more reliable than regular caller ID, because the caller ID name can often be spoofed. They’re also more powerful than standard caller ID, leveraging up-to-date telephony data sources for richer, more granular information.

Implementing real-time programmatic intelligence into your lead generation infrastructure is easily the fastest way to start generating value with number lookup.

Highly granular number lookup data enables you to deliver a highly personalized experience to each inbound lead, even if the person has never called your business before.

This is how number lookup can improve your lead generation strategy:

New customers

  1. Generate usable leads for customers that call after hours. Number lookup will give your outreach teams a name, location, and demographic for every missed call. That way your teams have a detailed customer profile to work from when they return missed calls.

    You can even configure your CRM software to automatically create a customer profile for every missed call, which almost completely eliminates manual data entry.

  2. Automate call routing and automatically direct new leads to the best department or sales agent with the location and demographic data from enhanced number lookup.

  3. Segment new leads and run retargeting campaigns based on customer use case, demographic, and location data. This enables you to direct prospects to fine-tuned landing pages and improve overall conversion rates.

Existing customers

  1. Load up CRM profiles, complete with previous chats and open tickets, the moment the phone rings. You can intelligently expose this data to customer service teams, so they know what the customer needs before they pick up the phone.

  2. Save customers the pain of supplying their information and deliver a buttery smooth customer service experience. Customers will be surprised and delighted when your customer service teams know who they are and how to help without asking the customer to answer questions.

  3. Intelligently route calls based on number lookup information. Your call routing system can use the name and phone number to lookup each caller’s CRM profile and route the call automatically, which makes less work for your customer service teams and saves customers from navigating an IVR or touch tone menu.

Interested in finding out more about the power of Number Lookup? Download our free eBook to get the full run-down.

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