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Before signing up: Do you need a Managed Account?

Telnyx offers both Standard and Managed Accounts. Learn which one is right for you.


By Kelsie Anderson

Hierarchy for Telnyx's Managed Account structure

If you're an integrated service vendor (ISV) or a managed service provider (MSP), you might be considering Telnyx as your go-to platform. But before you dive in, you have an essential decision to make.

Telnyx offers two distinct types of accounts: Standard and Managed. While both come with unique benefits, the Managed Account structure stands out for businesses that need to create subaccounts for their customers, partners, or different units within the business. This feature allows you to maintain a clear and organized billing structure, ensuring each client receives uninterrupted service and individualized invoices for the services they use.

With Managed Accounts, you can onboard new clients, provide transparency in billing, and efficiently manage multiple accounts under one umbrella. Ultimately, you can experience streamlined business operations that can scale with your growth.

But here's the catch: Once you've set up a Standard Account, switching it to a Managed Account is nearly impossible. So, before you sign up with Telnyx, it's crucial to determine which type of account structure aligns with your business needs. Read on to discover the ins and outs of Managed Accounts and determine if they’re the right fit for you.

What is a Managed Account with Telnyx?

A Managed Account is a sub-account created from within an existing Mission Control Portal account (which we call a Manager Account).

Managed Account hierarcy

Manager accounts have advanced control over their Managed Accounts' pricing, reporting, administration, and billing functionalities.

Pricing and reporting

Managed Accounts inherit pricing from their Manager Accounts. For example, if your organization has a committed use agreement for lower rates, your Managed Accounts will have those rates automatically. However, a Manager can hide pricing from Managed Accounts so only the Manager Accounts can view pricing.

Managed Accounts can still generate reports on their own usage without viewing their pricing.


Manager Accounts can log into their Managed Accounts via the Mission Control Portal. There, they can configure their Managed Accounts’ settings and view their usage and balance.

Manager Accounts can also create an API key associated with a Managed Account and control it via the Telnyx API.


Managed Accounts have their own account balances, payment methods, and invoices. However, Manager Accounts have two choices for billing:

  1. Roll-up billing: In this scenario, all billing from Managed Accounts rolls up to the Manager Account. So, Managed Accounts pay invoices for usage to the company administering the Manager Account, while the Manager Account pays invoices to Telnyx.

Roll-up billing

  1. Separate billing: Managed Account administrators add their own payment methods to their accounts to pay Telnyx for usage directly.

Separate Billing Structure

Whatever billing method you choose, an invoice will be generated for usage at the end of each month.

Who should consider a Telnyx Managed Account?

For most Telnyx customers, you can accomplish everything you’ll need to do in a Standard Account. However, a Managed Account may be a good option in several scenarios. For example, if you need to separate billing and invoicing across business units, Managed Accounts can provide a single company with the means to set up independent environments.

To ensure you’re creating the account that will work best for you, we encourage you to consult with a member of our team so they can better understand your needs and help you get started with Telnyx.

Contact us if Managed Accounts are right for you

If you think your organization could benefit from subaccounts for pricing, reporting, billing, and administration, then a Managed Accounts structure could be right for you.

To get started with Managed Accounts, you’ll first need to create a Manager Account. And to do that, you’ll need to get in touch with our sales team, as they need to create all Manager Accounts manually.

Contact our team of experts to learn how Telnyx can support your Managed Account structure.

Please note that Telnyx Managed Accounts can currently support up to 3,000 subaccounts. If your organization requires more than 3,000 subaccounts, please contact our team so we can learn more about your use case.

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