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Phone System Management 2600Hz Integration with Telnyx

Highly-scalable and open-sourced, 2600Hz is an ambitious project that allows you the chance to create your phone system management

By Michael Bratschi

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The power of KAZOO is undeniable. Highly-scalable and open-sourced, the software is an ambitious project from 2600Hz that allows companies from around the world the chance to create custom telecommunications platforms for their specific telephony needs - your phone system management in the cloud. Of course, we here at Telnyx couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to team up with them to provide users an even more robust system through our API integration.

A quick 2600Hz background

2600Hz is the leading provider of mobile and cloud communications software, empowering users to take total control and ownership of telecom. KAZOO, the revolutionary open-source, distributed multi-tenant platform, is a thoughtfully engineered mixture of tools built by leaders in the telecom industry and implemented to offer a feature-rich enterprise telecom solution. No longer are companies chained to their managed service providers – KAZOO enables you to scale and manage your infrastructure through an intuitive portal with configurable modules and features. And the best part? KAZOO is based on open source components, meaning you have access to their APIs and allowing you to customize and create your own applications. Founded in 2010, 2600Hz is a privately-owned company based in San Francisco, California


Where Telnyx comes into play

KAZOO may make your life easier when it comes to your phone system management, but none of that matters if your carrier is underperforming. That’s where Telnyx comes into play. Unlike most VoIP providers who use the Public Internet end-to-end, we actually carry your media for you over a private fiber backbone that we manage and maintain ourselves. This means better security and reduced latency and jitter, improving overall call quality. We make sure that your packets get off the internet as fast as possible, and we do this by automatically determining where your media will be anchored from your endpoints to our points of presence (PoP).

But beyond the advantage of our physical infrastructure, the partnership between 2600Hz and Telnyx really shines through the API integration of our applications into the Kazoo platform.

What this means to you

Imagine being able to search for DIDs from over 15,000 rate centers and instantly activating them in KAZOO Using Telnyx as your carrier will also allow you to request your call detail report (CDR) in your portal. Or how about pulling CNAM data for a specific list of numbers – these are just a couple of features available through Telnyx’s API that can easily be integrated into your 2600Hz system.

And for those who are just building their network and are thinking about using Kazoo, Telnyx is integrated with 2600Hz’s cloud PBX, so you don’t have to do any custom interoperability – it’s out-of-the-box configuration at its finest. This truly is a match made in heaven, or in this instance, the cloud!

Interested in checking out our API documentation? Sign up for our Mission Control portal – it’s free. From there, you can generate an API token to test and peruse APIs that will work best for your KAZOO needs.

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