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Meraki Pricing

A carrier with Meraki pricing where you only pay for what you use.

Michael Bratschi
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A partnership created with you in mind, Telnyx is proud to be the preferred carrier for Meraki.

The idea of self-sufficiency within the realm of telecommunications is no longer improbable. Meraki has proven this with their suite of cloud managed communications solutions. Their unified approach to solving business challenges perfectly aligns with Telnyx’s vision to democratize the Public Switched Telephone Network.
A marriage made in the cloud, Telnyx’s RESTful API has been integrated into the Meraki dashboard, allowing you to manage your carrier service within a centralized system. Now you can instantly purchase DIDs from over 15,000 rate centers in North America, provision new SIP trunks, spin up new connections and manage your inbound and outbound calls within the same browser-based dashboard that enables you to manage your devices.
The Telnyx and Meraki partnership provides you with the best options to fit your business needs, giving you the ability to control all your devices and connection in one place. Try it today!

Pricing (Canada only)

Local Telephone Number$1.40CAD /mo
Inbound/Outbound Minutes$0.01CAD /min
Toll-Free Number$1.40CAD /mo
Inbound Toll-Free Minutes$0.02CAD /min

Additional Features

E911$2.10CAD per location
Inbound Caller ID Name$0.56CAD per number
Call Forwarding$0.28CAD per number
With Telnyx, you only pay for what you use. You get wholesale a la carte rates with no bundles and no long-term contracts
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