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Programmable fax - switch from Twilio to Telnyx

Twilio is sunsetting fax, but ours is here to stay. Here’s why we think we would make a good partner for you going forward.

By Sarah Halko

Twilio Fax Sunset Announcement

As of December 17, 2021, Twilio will no longer be supporting Programmable Fax. Statements from the company suggest the decision to discontinue programmable fax was made due to an influx of fraudulent traffic that presented support and security challenges for the Twilio team.

We understand that fax remains an essential tool for many businesses, and have dedicated efforts to providing a reliable, secure fax application.

Telnyx fax is here to stay

While some might view fax as antiquated technology, it remains one of the most secure ways to send communications. This means industries like healthcare continue to rely on fax to send sensitive information. In fact, a 2017 IDC report showed that fax usage is growing in industries such as healthcare and education, thanks largely to support from cloud fax solutions. So it’s safe to say fax will be around for a while.

At Telnyx, we recognize this truth and are committed to continue providing our Programmable Fax API — a modern, cloud-communication compatible fax solution — so that you can keep sending faxes with peace of mind.

What can you expect?

Whether you’re in healthcare, financial, government, or any other services, we know automation, reliability, and security are top of mind. You can tick all those boxes with Telnyx:

Our fax API allows you to build fax integrations so you can simplify your workflow and fax from anywhere. This means you can take advantage of the reliability and security of fax, while automating the process. Additionally, you’ll be able to leverage our private IP network to send and receive secure faxes, with built in T.38 error correction to ensure accurate delivery. The cherry on top? We’ve recently enhanced our fax infrastructure to support faxing to international destinations, so you can stay connected globally.

When it comes to the threat of fax fraud (yes, it’s a thing), we have a number of measures in place to mitigate potential actions of malicious users. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about our anti-fraud measures.

Making the switch and getting started

If you're a Twilio fax user, you can get set-up today with our RESTful API, built for self-service, by following our migration guide. Alternatively, follow our video demo below to learn how to get set up and running with Telnyx Programmable Fax API.

If you want to test out the API first, you can sign up to our Mission Control Portal. As always, if you need any assistance, Telnyx’s support team is here to support you 24/7/365, through and beyond the integration.

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