NEW: Set Daily Spend Limits on Outbound Calling
Feature Release - 6.14.2018

NEW: Set Daily Spend Limits on Outbound Calling

Call fraud and hacking are serious issues that cost businesses billions of dollars every year. Hackers and fraudsters can wreak serious damage in a short amount of time by taking over call systems and sending calls to high-price destinations.
To minimize this risk, we've added the option to set max daily limits on any connection's outbound calling. Similar to our destination rate limit, this prevents one compromised connection or one expensive call from running up too large a bill.

Daily Spend Limit Per Connection

Daily spend limits are set on outbound profiles. Open the advanced settings for an outbound profile in the gear menu. Under Expert Configuration, enable limits by checking the radio button, then enter your preferred amount.
The figure specified here is the maximum amount your account will allocate to this connection for outbound calls in one day period. Any calls made through this connection after the limit is reach will not connect.
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