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Scale PoS device distribution with multi-carrier SIMs

Learn how multi-carrier SIMs can streamline global PoS device distribution and cut costs.

Credit Card Device for Point of Sale

Point of Sale (PoS) device vendors have historically worked with incumbent carriers for cellular connectivity.

But that’s not ideal when it comes to scaling distribution. As a vendor, you may encounter network coverage issues, roaming fees, rigid pricing plans, and cumbersome processes. To serve customers in new markets, vendors must consider another solution: multi-carrier data SIM cards.

They’re the new generation of Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), without the security downsides. Convenient and reliable, multi-carrier SIMs are the secret to distributing devices at scale. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of partnering with a single IoT connectivity provider for global data coverage.

Easily expand to global markets

Your SIM card probably won’t work overseas without your carrier’s roaming fees. The alternative is to build new relationships with new carriers in new markets and obtain new SIM cards. After all that work, you end up with two SKUs for one device, in different markets.

Sound tedious? You can bypass that complexity with the Telnyx IoT SIM card. Our SIMs offer global connectivity with coverage in 180+ countries, and simple, zone-based, pay-as-you-go prices.

Provide wider coverage in existing locations

If you're using single-tenant SIMs from an incumbent carrier, coverage may be limited. Your customers in low-coverage areas may experience dropouts that lead to service disruptions and lost sales. A competing carrier may improve coverage, but switching network providers involves establishing a relationship and shipping new PoS devices with updated SIM cards. Instead of focusing on scaling, you’re back to dealing with the multi-SKU problem.

Telnyx eliminates these issues with multi-carrier SIMs that intelligently switch networks to ensure continuous coverage. With partners in the United States, Canada, and 180+ global markets, we connect you to the best available network so your customers are always covered.

Differences between single-carrier and multi-carrier SIM cards
Single-carrier SIMsMulti-carrier SIMs
May pay roaming fees for global connectivityGlobal connectivity on a single SIM
Experience dropouts in low coverage areasIntelligently switch networks to ensure continuous cellular coverage
Single carrier SIMs typically have high-volume data plans and fixed monthly pricing; this often results in paying for data you don’t use Some multi-carrier SIMs (like Telnyx’s) use pay-as-you-go pricing so you only pay for what you use

Manage only one carrier relationship

Let’s say you’ve sourced SIM cards for each country in which you operate. You’ve assembled PoS devices and shipped them to their respective locations. In addition to monitoring SKUs in different locations, you’re now responsible for managing multiple carrier relationships. This can be burdensome and time-consuming when renewing contracts, negotiating pricing, and troubleshooting connectivity issues. As you expand into new regions, the burdens only multiply.

With Telnyx SIM cards, you manage one relationship, not dozens. We maintain direct-to-carrier connections in 180+ countries so you can ship one PoS device with one SIM.

Our intuitive Mission Control Portal is a comprehensive management platform that allows you to activate and deactivate SIM cards, define network preferences, set data limits, and automate usage alerts. Our monitoring tools enable fast troubleshooting so your team can solve incidents quickly and smoothly. You can also access comprehensive live reports to optimize device performance.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Scaling is more than overseeing coverage expansion and carrier relationships. It’s also about minimizing costs. Consumer-focused, high-volume, data plans hinder scaling by locking customers into fixed monthly prices. PoS activity consumes a small amount data (~10kB / transaction), and customers often end up paying for data they don’t use. The solution? Choose a SIM card with simple pay-as-you-go pricing so you only pay for what you use.

Telnyx pricing is made for IoT applications, not consumer web use. We offer per-megabyte billing and zone-based pricing across 180+ countries. Plus, we support standby mode so you can insert SIMs into your devices and save money while they’re turned off. Once your devices are turned on, your SIMs automatically activate without any additional action.

Scale globally with Telnyx IoT SIM cards

Global connectivity from one dynamic IoT SIM card is critical in today’s market. Vendors must redefine connectivity as demand increases for flexible PoS devices. Telnyx IoT SIM cards allow vendors scale globally while keeping carrier operations lean.

With cross-border connectivity, 650+ carrier relationships, management platform, and API tools, PoS device vendors can scale their operations globally without breaking the bank.

Ready to scale your PoS device distribution? Our experts can help you scale the right way, and build new capabilities to support your goals. Contact a member of our team today.

By Michelle Bonsu

Michelle is one of our product marketing managers here at Telnyx.

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