Use Case

Point of sale

Payment made a point of sale

Unify PoS connectivity with one multifunction SIM

Point of Sale (PoS) vendors and systems integrators often have to manage different connectivity vendors in each country they sell to. Telnyx makes it easy to deploy your PoS devices across the globe. Our IoT SIM cards have out-of-the-box coverage in 180+ countries, and an API platform to manage SIMs over the air. And, our global cloud communications platform enables SMS customer engagement alongside wireless coverage—all from one trusted connectivity partner.


Connectivity, not complexity

Plug-and-play multi-carrier coverage with intelligent network switching to ensure continuous coverage, no matter where your devices are.


Countries covered on IoT SIM cards

Manage your SIM cards via portal or API

Deploy, update, configure, and monitor data usage from SIMs with simple API commands. Or, use our intuitive portal with advanced tagging and reporting.


Most implementable SIM & CPaaS platform, G2 Winter 2023

See cost savings from day one

Keep your SIMs warehoused in low-cost standby mode and auto-activate them when they start using data. Then, only pay for what you use with low, per-MB pricing.


Cost savings with SIMs in standby mode

Implement value-add services easily

Collect customer phone numbers for SMS receipts and promotional outreach, all managed through our market-leading SMS API with simple regulatory compliance.


Billions of SMS messages sent via the Telnyx API

How It Works
  1. 1

    Order your global IoT SIM Cards

    Get SIM cards delivered to your warehouse, with global shipping and no minimum order quantity. One SIM works in 180+ countries with simple zone-based pricing, so you don't need to worry about needing different SKUs for the same device deployed in different countries.

  2. 2

    Activate your global IoT SIM Cards

    Follow our easy step-by-step setup instructions to get your device online in minutes. Or, install SIMs in your devices while keeping them in cost-saving standby mode, where they'll automatically activate and register on a network when the device comes online.

  3. 3

    Set up reporting and management

    Use our portal and APIs to group SIMs together by customer, deployment location or franchise, set data limits and IMEI locks to prevent unintended use in consumer web devices, assign public or private IP addresses for easier over-the-air updates, and automate reports.

  4. 4

    Enjoy reliable PoS connectivity across the globe

    Our SIM cards connect to every major network in the U.S. and Canada, and have direct roaming agreements with local incumbent operators in many more countries. That means your devices always have high-quality connectivity, whether they're deployed in a busy city center or at a remote desert festival.


Build with a PoS connectivity and engagement toolbox

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    Use cellular data for point of sale devices

    Download our eBook for a deep dive into IoT SIM Cards for PoS devices. We break down the pros and cons of WiFi and cellular data for your Point of Sale IoT deployments.

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    Deploy a device to a private corporate network

    Learn how to connect to PoS devices while keeping them securely off the public internet.

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    Clair Global supports global connectivity with Telnyx

    Learn how a seasoned events and logistics provider leverages Telnyx IoT SIM cards for reliable connectivity.

Ready to build something incredible?

Telnyx IoT SIM cards have coverage in the US via AT&T and T-Mobile, with more carrier coverage coming soon.

Our SIM cards also have global IoT coverage in over 180 countries through 588 carriers, with redundant multi-carrier coverage in the majority of countries in which we operate.

For more info on our carrier coverage across 180+ geographies worldwide, check out our support knowledge base or talk to our IoT experts.