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Why resilient storage is critical for data continuity

Resilient storage solutions protect the critical data your business relies on to make decisions.


By Kelsie Anderson

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Most businesses rely on data to make critical decisions. And the sentiment is that accessible, accurate data is only becoming more important, with 90% of businesses saying data has become increasingly significant to their business overall.

As organizations continue to rely on data for decision-making, it’s even more important to confront challenges to data integrity—from the surge in cyber threats to the unpredictability of physical disasters—with next-gen tools. A storage solution that can safeguard your data and ensure its unwavering availability, even in the face of these unexpected challenges, should be at the top of every organization’s wish list.

In response to these issues, Telnyx has moved to create a resilient storage solution that can keep your data safe, offering a blend of advanced security features and easy accessibility. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s take a look at what makes storage solutions resilient and how Telnyx has bolstered our solution to better protect your business data.

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Understanding resilient storage

Resilient storage refers to the ability of a storage system to provide continuous access to data, even in the face of hardware failures, software glitches, or other unforeseen challenges. Resilient storage is more than backing up your data—although that’s still an important safety measure. When storage solutions build in resilient features, they look to ensure your data remains accessible and intact no matter what.

Key features of resilient storage

When a storage solution includes the features below, you can be sure that resiliency is top of mind for its developers.

Data redundancy

The solution stores multiple copies of data in different locations to ensure if one copy is compromised, others remain accessible.

Automatic failover

In the event of a system failure, the storage solution will automatically transfer operations to another system without any noticeable disruption to the end user.


As your organization’s data needs grow, resilient storage systems can easily expand without compromising performance or reliability.

Many of these features are made possible or strengthened by leveraging the cloud for your storage needs.

The role of the cloud in resilient storage

The cloud has emerged as a powerful ally in the quest for resilient storage. Its distributed nature means data isn't tied to a single physical location, which reduces the risk of data loss due to localized events like natural disasters or targeted cyberattacks.

Why the cloud is the future of resilient storage

There are several other reasons businesses have looked to the cloud over on-premise storage to keep their data safe:


You can easily scale cloud storage up or down based on your needs to ensure you only pay for what you use. And since you don’t have to invest in the hardware necessary for on-premise storage, you’re less limited by your machines’ capabilities. Instead, you can choose any provider whose solution meets your needs.


With data stored in the cloud, teams can collaborate in real time, regardless of their geographical location. Choosing a low-latency storage option will help you further increase your collaboration capabilities, with fewer delays and lower wait times for uploading and file-sharing than solutions with higher latency.

Continuous upgrades

Cloud providers regularly update their infrastructure to ensure users can always access the latest and most secure storage solutions. Offloading maintenance operations to cloud providers means your IT team can focus on higher-priority tasks instead of constantly checking your on-premise storage solution for bugs and patching issues.

Partner with Telnyx for resilient cloud storage solutions

As businesses lean more heavily on real-time data to make critical decisions, data safety and accessibility have become even more important. Resilient storage, especially when combined with the power of the cloud, offers a promising solution to the challenges of modern data storage.

At Telnyx, we take our reputation as a leading cloud connectivity solutions provider seriously. To ensure your organization has continuous access to the data you need, we’ve taken a state-of-the-art approach to resilient storage. Our cloud-based storage solution combines the best of traditional storage methods with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

Telnyx encrypts your data to ensure it remains secure both in transit and at rest. By leveraging the cloud, we can help businesses reduce the overhead costs of maintaining physical storage infrastructure. Telnyx Cloud Storage is more affordable than other cloud storage options, starting from just $0.006/GB/month—with no egress fees. Finally, data stored in Telnyx's cloud can be accessed globally, ensuring your business remains operational even in the face of local challenges.

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