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Telnyx Grows In Australia With Sydney Point of Presence

We're excited to offer our enterprise-grade SIP trunking and messaging services down under. Get up and running today!

By Pete Christianson

Telnyx Sydney Point of Presence

New Telnyx Point of Presence Down Under.

Following the recent launch of Australian mobile voice and SMS capabilities, we’re super excited to announce the further expansion of our private, global network — with a brand new Point of Presence (PoP) in Sydney, Australia.

The launch marks yet another significant boost to our global telephony infrastructure. Telnyx already has PoPs in Vancouver, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and more. With international PoPs and a multi-cloud approach that never relies to heavily on any one cloud provider — our customers benefit from from crystal clear calls and low latency globally.

Telnyx customers in Australia and Asia now have a new path to our private network, so you can reduce latency on voice traffic in addition to controlling the flow of SIP signaling.

As Australia shuts down its ISDN, it's more important than ever to switch to a SIP trunking provider who can meet your needs, now and in the future. That's why Telnyx has built this PoP in Sydney to support our deep access to local +61 numbers and our existing mobile voice and SMS offering.

What are the benefits of having a PoP in Sydney?

As the Telnyx network expands, so does your ability to scale globally. If you have voice services running in or near Australia, you can improve call quality and reduce packet loss through our new PoP.

Using Anchorsite® you can choose to anchor your call media at the Sydney PoP, and you can also choose to route SIP signaling through Australia.

How do I select Sydney as my AnchorSite®?

Anchor your call media in Australia in four simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.
  2. Click on Connections in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the portal.
  3. Click the AnchorSite® dropdown of the connection you're interested in.
  4. Select Sydney, Australia.

How do I route SIP signaling through Australia?

Simply point your SIP devices to for outbound calls, or select Australia as your SIP region on the Inbound section of the Connections page in the Mission Control Portal for inbound calls.

That’s it! You’ve now learned how your call media and signaling can be anchored at the Sydney PoP and routed via the Telnyx private network towards its destination. For more information on how to update your AnchorSite® via API, check out our Developer Center.

It's incredibly simple to get set up on Telnyx, buy numbers and start making SIP trunking calls with your free test credit. Sign up for an account today!

For more information on call routing or SIP signaling calls through this new Point of Presence, our support team is on hand to help via chat, 24/7.

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