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Telnyx rebrands to reflect commitment to connectivity

Our new brand reflects a commitment to reliable, secure global connectivity. Learn about our new look—and our upcoming offerings.


By Kelsie Anderson

Telnyx rebrand logo on green background

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand and logo, which you’ll see reflected in our redesigned site. With this rebrand, we hope to demonstrate where we believe our business is headed, namely expanding and evolving our offerings beyond the communications platform as a service (CPaaS) market.

To achieve this expansion, we’ll leverage the tech we’ve already built to offer our customers powerful communications, wireless, network, and storage capabilities. We also remain committed to making our tools easy to access in one space. While it will reflect the new branding, our Mission Control Portal will still offer everything our customers need to access, implement, and customize connectivity and communications in their business.

However, we didn’t decide to rebrand out of boredom with our old colors or logo. While many things will remain the same with Telnyx offerings, we’re also looking into the future to offer and enable new hyperlocal products and services.

Let’s dive more deeply into what that means for you and us.

Why we decided to rebrand

Telnyx recognizes that our society is experiencing a shift toward distributed and hyperlocal products and services. Organizations want to build products closer to their end users to boost performance and user experience. Operations teams want—and sometimes need—to process and store data regionally to manage complex regulatory, compliance, and security challenges. Application providers require reliable ways to connect the physical to the digital. To successfully scale and reach their audiences, these teams require dense interconnection.

“Telnyx’s mission has always been to provide unparalleled voice and SMS services. But while we offer our customers the highest-quality, most reliable communication services in the industry, we believe that further democratizing access to global infrastructure is crucial for businesses and individuals alike,” says Telnyx CEO David Casem.

“While we’ll continue to focus on the foundations of communication, we also want to leverage our Telnyx Global Network footprint and expertise in edge computing to expand our services into adjacent areas, such as storage and computing. We believe these new offerings give our customers a more robust and flexible platform that’s adaptable to their changing needs. We're excited to deliver products our customers can use to build the digital infrastructure of the future and make their mark in the world of Web 3.0.”

Telnyx Launch Video

Traditionally, global infrastructure has been inaccessible to product developers. To connect to critical communications and connectivity infrastructure, companies must manage multiple aggregators and direct relationships, juggle many connectivity partners, or build and maintain their own infrastructure. Businesses are looking for a global infrastructure partner that makes Edge Connectivity accessible.

Telnyx wants to be that partner, and our new branding reflects this latest evolution of our business.

Simplifying complex infrastructure

Our Mission Control Portal will still be a one-stop shop, but we plan on adding connectivity infrastructure, management, and customization to our current offerings. Our new logo and branding celebrate this idea and the distinguishing characteristic of our offering: connectivity.

“Our logo and design elements depict a thoughtfully constructed network of infrastructure for data to travel on, where it can be processed, communicated, and stored securely,” says Lauren Bergstrand, Telnyx’s Head of Design. “The intertwining effect in the center of the new logo references our multiple offerings coming together to create something more powerful than each product or service offered separately.”

By bringing everything together in one platform, we simplify disparate services and provide our customers with a holistic view of connectivity. In our design approach, bold use of color, layered elements, and a minimalist illustration style convey this sense of simplicity, directness, and transparency.

Helping everyone live on the edge

The other half of our new offering is not just connectivity but connectivity at the edge. Hyperlocal products and services require dense connections across the globe. Telnyx’s existing global IP network includes 10 multi-cloud PoPs in major international metro areas (with plans to add 8–10 new PoPs by 2024) and positions us as an ideal partner for localized global connectivity—regardless of our customers’ locations.

We’ve conveyed this concept of the edge in our design system through typography and graphics living at the edge of the frame or medium.

Telnyx Edge Animation 2

Connect to the future with Telnyx

The capabilities we offer with our growing edge infrastructure, combined with our status as a carrier in over 30 countries, make us excited for what’s to come. We’re positioning ourselves to offer complete, reliable connectivity, wireless, and data solutions for customers looking to build distributed and hyperlocal services.

That’s a big deal, and we wanted to celebrate our growth with a brand that feels as bold and exciting as the products and technologies our engineers are building.

"We're thrilled to launch our new brand and bring new, innovative products to consumers," says Ian Reither, Telnyx COO. "Our team has worked tirelessly to develop products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. Our new brand reflects these efforts and will resonate with consumers. We can't wait to see the positive impact it will have.”

If you’re ready to experience the future of connectivity and communications with us, check out our rebranded website to learn more about our products and services. Or contact our team of experts to learn how Telnyx can help you connect with customers across the globe.

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