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Twilio SMS alternative - Telnyx vs. Twilio

Telnyx and Twilio both offer programmable messaging. But what are the differences? Take a look at how the two compare.

Risa Takenaka
Twilio SMS Alternative
Telnyx and Twilio both offer programmable messaging. But what are the differences? Take a look at how the two compare when it comes to price, support, reviews and migration services.

Telnyx vs. Twilio: SMS Pricing

Price is a major factor when it comes to deciding which SMS service to choose for your business.
While Telnyx and Twilio both offer a pay-as-you-go model, when we compare SMS rates it’s clear that Telnyx fares better, especially when scaled.
Telnyx vs. Twilio: Price Comparison for Individual and Scaled SMS Usage
But why is Telnyx able to price lower than Twilio? Great question.
As a licensed carrier, Telnyx has direct access to a large database of phone numbers. Cutting out the middleman -- the third party aggregators that Twilio relies on for its inventory of numbers -- allows us to pass down savings to our customers.

Telnyx vs Twilio: Support

Our customers are central to everything we do. That’s why we provide every company that we work with, the technical support they need, 24/7. Here’s what standard support looks like for us vs. them.
Telnyx vs. Twilio: Comparing Standard Support Features
Our network ownership also plays a key role in the quality of our support.
At Telnyx - We can diagnose, trace, and solve the message failure issues on our own network. Direct network troubleshooting means shorter time to resolution -- our average is 45 minutes -- so that you can continue building.
Twilio - with no network ownership, relies on indirect troubleshooting. Diagnosing and solving issues requires back and forth with network providers, which can dramatically slow down time to resolution.

Telnyx vs. Twilio: User Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it: this is how Telnyx and Twilio compare when it comes to user reviews.
Telnyx and Twilio: G2 User Review Comparison

Telnyx vs. Twilio: Ease of Migration

Cost, scalability, and support: these comparisons sound great but… how easy is it to migrate services? We’re glad you asked! We know it takes time and effort to switch platforms, so we try to make the transition as seamless as possible.
Porting - With Telnyx FastPort, we’ve automated the many of the internal and external porting processes to simplify the experience. With our user friendly product, you can schedule the port ahead of time or activate on demand.
How does Telnyx compare to Twilio when it comes to number porting?
Telnyx and Twilio: Number Porting
In addition to FastPort, our SDKs and the Twexit API also make migration easier.
SDKs - Our five SDKs: Python, Node, Ruby, PHP and .NET allow you to easily integrate with the Telnyx API without having to build RESTful requests for each interaction.
Twexit API - Our API dedicated for customers switching from Twilio! Twexit API makes it possible to start sending messages quickly on our platform, with just a few changes to your existing code.
Ready to save up to 70% with Telnyx SMS?
Get started by creating an account on our Mission Control Portal, where you can buy an SMS-enabled number or port existing ones. Create a messaging profile and you’ll be on your way to sending your first text with us! If you’re looking to make the switch from Twilio, make sure to check out our Twexit API on how to start building with minor changes to your existing code.
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