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Telnyx WebRTC vs. Twilio WebRTC

Understand the differences between Telnyx WebRTC and Twilio WebRTC to make an informed decision as you choose a provider.

Marlo Vernon

By Marlo Vernon

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In the world of real-time communications, choosing the right WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) provider is crucial. Telnyx and Twilio both offer robust solutions, but how do they compare? For tech-savvy professionals, understanding the differences can unlock new efficiencies and capabilities for your enterprise.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into a comprehensive comparison of Telnyx and Twilio WebRTC services, evaluating key features, performance, and cost-effectiveness. With this information, you can decide which platform best fits your needs for embedding high-quality calling or video capabilities into your applications. Keep reading to equip yourself with the insights needed to make an informed decision that enhances your connectivity strategy and drives your business forward.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC enables developers to integrate real-time voice and video communication features directly into web and mobile applications without needing external plugins or complex software. It’s an open-source protocol designed to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) communication directly in the web browser, including phone calls between users on:

  • PSTN numbers
  • Mobile client endpoints
  • SIP endpoints.

So how do two top providers—Telnyx and Twilio—do things differently when it comes to WebRTC?

Telnyx WebRTC vs. Twilio WebRTC

To better understand how Telnyx and Twilio stack up in the WebRTC domain, let’s compare them directly across critical aspects, starting with features.

Feature comparison

WebRTC and SDKsWeb and mobile SDKs for 50% savingsWeb and mobile SDKs
Telnyx offers JavaScript, React, Android, and iOS voice SDKs for half the cost of browser and in-app calling compared to Twilio.Twilio offers JavaScript, React, Android, and iOS voice SDKs.
Video APISupports Video APISunsetting video API
Telnyx continues to support videoTwilio will sunset its video API in December 2024.
Our privately owned, global IP network was designed from the ground up for real-time voice and data communications, so your calls are crystal-clear and secure, with super low latency.Twilio relies on the public internet. Unfortunately, the internet wasn’t built for real-time communications—and it shows. High latency, packet loss, and poor security cause endless quality issues.
Developer documentationYes, and moreYes
Telnyx offers developer documentation, quickstart guides, tutorials, and video demos for programmable voice.Twilio offers developer documentation and quickstart guides for programmable voice.

Telnyx and Twilio both provide JavaScript, React, iOS, and Android voice SDKs with robust programmable voice features. However, Telnyx operates on a private network for low-latency, clear, secure communications.

It’s also important to note that if you’re looking to build video into your solutions, Twilio will sunset their video API, but Telnyx will continue to support video.


Below is a comparison of WebRTC and programmable voice pricing between Twilio and Telnyx.

Browser, app or SIP interface calls$0.002 / min$0.004 / min
Call recording or conference calls$0.002 / min$0.0018 / min
Call transfer$0.1 / invocationFREE
Call recording storageFREE$0.003
Secure mediaFREEFREE
Answering machine detectionStarting at $0.002 / call$0.0075 / min
Speech-to-text transcription$0.05 / min$0.05 / min
Text-to-speech$0.000006 / character$0.0000064 / character
Local and Toll-Free outbound calls$0.002 / min$0.014 / min
Local inbound calls$0.002 / min$0.0085 / min
Toll-Free inbound calls$0.002 / min$0.022 / min

The average customer saves 30% on voice costs when switching to Telnyx.


Choose a WebRTC provider that will work and scale with you as a supportive partner. The level of support provided as you build out your solution is a critical factor in choosing a partner.

Support availabilityFree 24/7 supportPay-to-play support
Every Telnyx customer gets support around the clock from our team of expert in-house engineers, so your issues never have to wait until Monday.Customers must spend at least $1,500 per month to access support.

Use cases of WebRTC

Now that you know how Telnyx and Twilio WebRTC work, you might be wondering how you can using either of them. Regardless of the provider you choose, WebRTC seamlessly integrates calling and video into applications, allowing users to better collaborate and connect. Below are some common use cases of WebRTC.


Telehealth allows healthcare providers to conduct secure and compliant virtual consultations with patients, providing accessible, remote healthcare solutions.


Click-to-call enables customers to initiate voice or video calls directly from a website or mobile app, improving customer service. Click-to-call is an essential feature for marketing and sales acceleration platforms as well as CRM platforms.

With WebRTC, users can collect detailed information about sales calls, including call times, call duration, calls that go to voicemail, and recorded calls.

Corporate communications

WebRTC facilitates reliable, high-quality internal communication, such as video conferencing and collaborative tools. As remote work becomes more prominent, enabling peer-to-peer video conferencing ensures colleagues can work together from anywhere.

Real-time avatars for chatbots

Advancements in AI have enabled better customer service with fast, accurate conversational AI. WebRTC can enhance user engagement by integrating animated avatars that respond during customer interactions.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use WebRTC to enhance your applications. But let’s take a look at a real-life example of how one company used WebRTC to improve their operations.

Upmarket built a bespoke softphone in half the time with Telnyx

Upmarket, a startup offering an all-in-one sales platform and mobile app, significantly enhances sales team efficiency and performance through advanced in-app calling capabilities and automated tools. By integrating Telnyx's WebRTC solutions, Upmarket successfully halved its time to deployment while achieving an 80% reduction in communication costs. This strategic partnership has enabled Upmarket to deliver a seamless, cost-effective user experience.

Integrating WebRTC into their offerings has streamlined Upmarket’s communications and equipped their platform with robust programmatic call features, enhancing both functionality and user experience.

Telnyx: A partner that will support you

Telnyx is the clear choice for choosing a WebRTC provider that offers cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable communication solutions with excellent support. We’re a partner that works with you to build the WebRTC application you need. Plus, we’ll continue to support video while Twilio sunsets their video API.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about integrating Telnyx WebRTC into your applications for embedded calling and video.

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