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Top IoT Solution Providers: Transforming Connectivity

Choosing an IoT solution provider for your next big project? Learn about the top providers in the space.


By Kelsie Anderson

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The Internet of Things (IoT) market has shown steady expansion in recent years, growing by over 20% in 2022 to $201 billion and projected to grow at just under 20% in 2023, despite economic uncertainty.

These continued increases have created a growing demand for IoT solution providers that can help businesses and organizations leverage the power of connected devices and data to drive innovation and improve efficiency.

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In this blog post, we’ll discuss what an IoT solution provider is, who the top providers are, and best practices for choosing a provider that’s right for your business.

What is an IoT solution provider?

An IoT solution provider is relatively self-explanatory: it’s a company or organization that provides solutions for the IoT ecosystem. These solutions include hardware devices, software platforms, cloud services, and other components that enable IoT devices and systems to connect, communicate, and exchange data with each other and with the internet.

IoT solution providers typically offer various services, including hardware design and manufacturing, software development, cloud hosting and management, data analytics, and consulting services. They work with businesses and organizations across various industries to create customized IoT solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

Some examples of IoT solution providers include big players like IBM and Microsoft (both of which we’ll discuss below) and smaller startups specializing in specific areas of the IoT ecosystem.

The IoT solutions market has grown around the same pace as the IoT market, creating heavy competition in the IoT space. Businesses and organizations are on the hunt for providers who can help them leverage the power of connected devices and data to drive innovation and improve efficiency.

Top 10 IoT solution providers of 2023

While we’ll continue to see an expansion of services and capabilities from IoT solution providers as the market grows, several organizations have risen to the top. Below are the top 10 IoT solution providers of 2023.

How we made our selection

To make our top 10, each IoT solution provider needed to meet the following requirements:

  • Be mentioned in multiple organic search results, so we knew other organizations were talking about their success.
  • Have reviews on at least one reputable third-party site, so we knew they had verified customers.
  • Receive an average review rating higher than four out of five stars (or its equivalent), so we knew their products or services were of acceptable quality.

We’ve listed the top solution providers below in order of their scores based on the above criteria.

1. Konstant Infosolutions

Type: Development services

Konstant Infosolutions develops web and mobile apps in the IoT space. They work across various industries with multiple use cases, including real estate, hospitality, transportation, and finance. Their IoT application solutions include Bluetooth app development, security consulting, and big data analytics.

2. IBM

Type: Cloud services, application management platform, data analytics

With a long record of innovation—they’ve been in business since 1911—it’s no surprise to see IBM as a top player in the IoT space. IBM’s big sell in this space is its combination of cloud services and Watson data analysis capabilities. Using IBM tools, organizations can connect their devices to the cloud, manage and monitor their usage, and analyze the data coming in from them.

3. Samsara

Type: IIoT

The industrial space was one of the first sectors to embrace the powers of IoT. The prevalence of industry sectors has grown so significantly that the industrial Internet of Things even has its own acronym (IIoT). Samsara is one of the most IoT solution providers in the industrial space, offering a cloud-connected IoT management platform that can help industrial organizations monitor for safety, optimize fleet performance, and assess equipment functionality.

4. Particle

Type: IIoT, Hardware

Particle builds embeddable IoT modules and gateways that help devices connect to the cloud. They also offer a platform that allows customers to manage IoT devices, cloud operations, and connectivity in one place. They primarily serve the industrial sector, including the smart energy, HVAC, and equipment monitoring spaces.

5. Microsoft

Type: Cloud services, application management platform

Like IBM, Microsoft has leveraged its long history of innovation and line of existing technologies to jump into the IoT space. Its Azure IoT Hub helps connect devices to the cloud. It also offers tools like Device Update that help developers manage and mass-distribute updates to IoT devices.

6. Softeq

Type: Development services

Softeq helps organizations develop custom IoT applications. They’ve helped big-name companies—think Disney, Lenovo, and GE—create innovative IoT solutions. Their development capabilities include consumer gadgets, smart home tools, and healthcare solutions.

7. SAP

Type: Cloud services, application management platform

The last longstanding tech giant in this list is SAP. Its Leonardo IoT platform is similar to IBM and Microsoft. When using existing cloud technologies, organizations can connect devices to the SAP cloud and manage their devices. Businesses already using SAP’s HANA database can then store and analyze large amounts of device data to optimize processes or generate reports.

8. Vention

Type: Development services

Vention is a development company that counts IoT applications as an area of expertise. They can help organizations build IoT applications from scratch, create MVPs for testing, and assist with IoT product integration into your existing systems.

9. Vates

Type: Development services

Vates also provides custom application development. In addition to app creation and integration, they offer IoT analytics consulting and a rapid prototyping process to help applications get to market more quickly. They work in both the commercial and industrial IoT sectors.

10. PTC

Type: IIoT

PTC specifically designed ThingWorx for industrial organizations looking to develop enterprise-scale IoT solutions. Using the ThingWorx platform, developers can create custom applications and access pre-built tools to connect their devices and analyze their data.

How to choose the right IoT solution provider

Choosing the right IoT solution provider is a critical decision that can impact the success of your IoT project. For some applications—such as IIoT—the choice is a little easier: pick a provider that caters to your sector. However, there are other important factors to consider when evaluating different IoT solution providers:

Experience and expertise

Look for providers with experience in your industry and the type of IoT solution you need. Check their track record of successful projects and customer references.

Scalability and flexibility

Ensure the provider can scale your IoT solution as your business grows. Also, consider their ability to customize their solutions to your specific needs.


Security is a crucial aspect of IoT solutions. Ensure the provider follows industry-standard security protocols and has experience securing IoT devices, software, and cloud infrastructure.

Integration capabilities

Your IoT solution provider should be able to integrate with your existing systems, including data management and analytics tools and other software

Cost and pricing model

Consider the provider's pricing model—whether they offer a subscription-based or one-time fee model—and if there are additional costs, such as ongoing maintenance and support.

Technical support and maintenance

Look for a provider that offers reliable technical support and maintenance services, including remote monitoring and management, to ensure your IoT solution runs smoothly.

Innovation and future-proofing

Choose a provider that stays up-to-date with the latest IoT technologies and can future-proof your IoT solution with the latest advancements.

By evaluating providers based on these factors, you can choose one that aligns with your organization’s goals and helps you achieve a successful IoT implementation.

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