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Hassle-free transition to Telnyx Messaging

In the video guide below, we’ll walk you through the most common setup-related tasks for Messaging with Telnyx.


By Simon Verbiest

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A few folks have said, “Hey, we’d love to try Telnyx. But it sounds like a lot of work—especially with all the compliance hurdles.”

If you’ve been working with other CPaaS vendors, we understand that feeling.

But working with Telnyx is a lot easier than you’d think. In the video guide below, we’ll walk you through the most common setup-related tasks for Messaging with Telnyx.

1. Navigating 10DLC with Telnyx

10DLC is the five-letter acronym nobody can avoid when it comes to SMS and MMS in the United States.

Bypassing proper 10DLC registration can lead to blocked traffic. But with Telnyx, you’re in safe hands. Our mid-2023 data shows we achieve registrations up to seven times faster than the main alternative.

Get a hands-on demo showing why in the below video guide:

2. The power of toll-free messaging

An emergent and powerful alternative to 10DLC, toll-free messaging opens up a wide realm of opportunities. With Telnyx, we transform the regulatory challenges of toll-free messaging into scalable solutions.

Get equipped with the tools and knowledge to harness the advantages of Toll-Free Messaging, and see a demo of how to get started with Telnyx below:

3. Seamless number porting with Telnyx

Got number(s) your customers know and love that you don’t want to ditch? No problem. With Telnyx's ultra-fast number porting, you can bring your trusted phone number along with you, no strings attached.

Discover the ease of migrating while retaining what's familiar. Check out how fast you can do it in the video below:

Start scaling messaging with Telnyx

The above are just a taste of what you can do with Telnyx. Beyond 10DLC, toll-free and number porting 10DLC registration to scalable toll-free messaging solutions and a hassle-free number transfer process - we do it all.

Kickstart your journey with Telnyx—the most compliant, scalable, and hassle-free CPaaS vendor in the industry.

Contact our team of experts or sign up for a free account to access our easy-to-use, scalable messaging solution.

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