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Move from Twilio to Telnyx: Migration Guide

We’ve built a whole suite of tools to make moving from Twilio a simple and painless process.

By Odhran Reidy

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There are a huge variety of reasons that customers migrate from Twilio to Telnyx. Some are looking to work with a true carrier, not an internet telephony reseller. Some wish to port numbers in days, not weeks. Some want 24/7 support without needing to meet a minimum spend commitment. Some want to save money with lower rates and more features included as standard. Some want a communications provider that’s ranked higher in every single comparison category on G2.

We’ve built a whole suite of tools to make moving from Twilio a simple and painless process. Read on to find out how you can use your existing TwiML code with Telnyx, how to use your existing Twilio messaging code to send cheaper messages on Telnyx, and how to use the superior Telnyx network for existing Twilio SIP trunking and messaging traffic, saving money in the process.

Switch your SMS to Telnyx and save 75% - without porting your numbers

Telnyx soundly beats Twilio on SMS pricing, saving customers an average of 75% when they switch. Hosted Messaging allows you to send and receive SMS from your Twilio numbers without porting them to Telnyx - allowing you to switch over and start saving in hours, not weeks.

Use TwiML code in the Telnyx Call Control API using TexML Translator

TexML Translator allows you to use your existing TwiML code (or any other XML code) in a Telnyx Voice API. This allows you to immediately see the benefits of our superior network and lower pricing, without needing to rewrite your application.

Check out our video demo to see just how easy it is to get started with TexML:

Bring existing Twilio messaging code to Telnyx with the Twexit API

The Twexit API allows you to migrate your Twilio messaging code to start using Telnyx for messaging, all by changing just a few lines of code. This lets you save up to 70% on your messaging costs, and leverage our vast catalog of local and toll-free numbers all over the world instead of relying on third-party phone numbers through Twilio.

Check out our video demo to learn how you can get up and running with the Twexit API in minutes:

Have Twilio send your calls to Telnyx using Bring Your Own Carrier

Our Bring Your Own Carrier guides have everything you need to set up your voice connectivity with Telnyx, using a wide variety of carriers and telephony platforms. Our guide to Using Telnyx with Twilio shows you how to send your Twilio calls to Telnyx via SIP, by making one simple change to your existing TwiML code. This allows you to immediately start saving on voice costs, and enjoying the benefits of our global private all-IP network.

Check out the guide to get started in minutes!

It’s time to consider a better alternative

There are no shortage of reasons to switch from Twilio, and our range of applications is designed to make the whole process as easy as possible, letting you reap the benefits of our superior network, support and pricing immediately.

If you’re still on the fence, or have any deeper questions about migrating to Telnyx, our experts are standing by to help with your migration process.

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