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Upmarket—A Telnyx customer story

How Upmarket deployed an instant dialer in half the time they expected.

Marlo Vernon

By Marlo Vernon

Upmarket delivers programmatic features through an all-in-one sales platform and mobile app with in-app calling capabilities, sales playbook guidance, and automated tools. This simplified experience enables sales teams to onboard faster and increase productivity, resulting in better performance.

As an innovative startup, Upmarket has unique communications needs that are always evolving. To move its product to market and scale its operations, Upmarket needed a highly technical communications provider to offer the hands-on support required to build quickly and manage rapid growth. With Telnyx's Programmable Voice and Programmable Video products, Upmarket finally has the tools necessary to accomplish its goals.

Powering sales team successes and reducing customer costs with Telnyx WebRTC

Upmarket leverages WebRTC to improve sales communications and outperform competitors. Telnyx's WebRTC SDK is built on WebRTC, an open-source protocol that enables browsers to communicate with each other. Integrating with WebRTC allows devices to communicate with each other over a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and can create huge wins for your customer experience and communications setup.

Telnyx WebRTC is a large part of Upmarket's strategy as it allows Upmarket to build its softphone directly into its platform. With WebRTC, Upmarket enables its customers to collect detailed information about sales calls including call times, call duration, calls that go to voicemail, and calls that are being recorded.

Upmarket uses this information to facilitate programmatic calls. When call recording is detected, sales reps have the option to automatically send calls for transcription. Customers can also set up voicemail drops when calls are directed to an answering machine.

Upmarket co-founder and CEO Jason Tissera attributes part of Upmarket's competitive advantage to Telnyx WebRTC: "From an end-user perspective, there's no difference between our softphone that's built directly into Upmarket and a phone they would use on their desk. So that experience is just huge. It really gives us a hallmark of our product."

Since Upmarket uses Telnyx to meet its communication needs, Upmarket provides customers with a better user experience at a lower cost compared to its competitors.

"With the reasonable pricing at Telnyx, we're able to bundle services that result in discounts of up to 80% versus similar products," says co-founder and Lead Engineer Tiffany Marroquin.

Hands-on support got Upmarket connected in record time

Upmarket needed a communications provider to help build and manage its phone and video calling and monitoring. Telnyx immediately stepped in with hands-on support.

Jason Tissera sheds some light on how the Telnyx engineering team helped launch its call solution. "When we first started working on the platform, we were invited into the Telnyx developer Slack community. There, we got help from the solutions engineering team to really create an architecture for how we could incorporate Telnyx into our system."

Telnyx support went beyond onboarding and integration. Solutions engineers assisted the Upmarket engineering team with designing and architecting its entire communications platform. As a result, Upmarket was up and running in three months, and scaled from zero to 40,000 calls within four months.

Tiffany Marroquin recalls Telnyx support and how it exceeded their expectations: "From the start, the engineers at Telnyx worked hand-in-hand with our team to design and architect the right solution for Upmarket. We quickly implemented Telnyx services and deployed a fully integrated softphone in half the time we expected to."

Adding features with Telnyx

In the future, Upmarket plans to integrate video communications into every step of the sales journey—particularly by adding conferencing functionality, enabling video optionality for phone calls, and incorporating video capabilities into its email offering. Telnyx Programmable Video empowers Upmarket to diversify its communications offering, expand into new markets, and acquire previously unreachable customers without complicating its systems.

Growing with Telnyx

Upmarket's goal is to be the go-to platform that sales managers use to train and enable their teams. To get there, a strong, scalable communications infrastructure is crucial.

"We need a powerful communications platform that can manage global, high-volume phone and video calling while providing us with reports on all of these activities. And we need all of it quickly and in real time. So we're really working with the Telnyx team to architect out the platform that we can use to do all this work for our customers and do it at a very reasonable price," says Jason Tissera.

Looking for reliable voice and video solutions to kickstart your communications platform? Check out our developer docs or reach out to a member of our team today.

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