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Validate and Authorize Your Port Outs

The porting process can lack transparency, and customers are often left alone when their numbers are ported away from a carrier.

Tarek Wiley
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There are several risks and difficulties associated with the number porting process. Porting out a number from a previous carrier has its own challenges, as does porting into a new one.
The porting process can lack transparency, and customers are often left in the dark when their numbers are ported away from a carrier. Slammed numbers — when a subscriber's telephone service is changed without their consent — can lead to several days of downtime before the phone number is back up and running. This leads to frustration and confusion as well as the potential for lost business.
With Telnyx FastPort®, we set the bar for porting in new numbers, and we challenged ourselves to do the same when porting out numbers. That’s why we provide customers with complete visibility and control when their phone numbers are ported out.

How do we do it?

We insert customers directly into our port-out validation flow in accordance with FCC rules and industry best practices.
First, we give our customers advanced notice of all port-out activities, ensuring they have authorized the activity. Next, we provide the ability to track the port outs in real time, so they always know the status of their phone numbers.
Does this process work? Our beta testing with a group of early-adopting customers is giving a resounding “yes.”
What are the benefits?
  • You control the port-out process, validating and authorizing it.
  • Our MSP, UCaaS and reseller customers can do an upfront billing reconciliation.
  • If your information is incorrect, you can reject the request.
  • We provide transparent reporting around the port outs, including real-time billing and status updates.
  • We eliminate downtime and discomfort during port outs.
  • Slammed numbers are a thing of the past. Telnyx ensures it.
To use our port-out feature, head to the Mission Control Portal. Or learn more about it here.
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