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Telnyx Video API is now live for all users!

Announcing the GA of the Telnyx Video API, empowering customers to build custom video solutions on our global, private network.


By Fiona McDonnell

Announcing Telnyx Video API

We’re happy to announce that Telnyx Video API is now live and generally available for all users! Here, we’ll take a closer look at our latest product and show you how to get started with the Telnyx Video API.

Why choose a Video API?

In 2022, customers expect applications that deliver reliable, personalized, intuitive experiences. It’s time to do more than just make do.

Whether you’re building for a browser-based solution, or looking to embed video directly into your application, Video APIs can help you create a unique video product that completes and elevates your customer experience. If you’re a UCaaS provider, you might need to implement screen-sharing for effective workplace collaboration.If you’re a telehealth platform, you might want to prioritize a speech-to-text feature for increased accessibility.

Throughout the beta development, Telnyx worked closely with customers to create features for our Video API that address concrete customer needs—gearing users up to build video experiences that are completely customizable. Let’s take a closer look at some features you can integrate with the Telnyx Video API…


Keep a hold of key conversations for later. Our APIs allow users to record sessions in your desktop browser to watch back or share with other team members.

Participants API

Programmatically control which participants are added, removed, and muted in your Video application.

Text chat

Implement text chat in your browser applications and enrich your conversations by sending messages and links to everyone in the room.

Test and build straight away with our Developer Docs

Power your video app with top-quality audio and video

At Telnyx, we built our global, private network from the ground up to make high-quality, real-time communications accessible and secure. Our network enabled us to build a Video API that offers unmatched audio and video quality. With Telnyx, your media runs on a private highway—reducing latency, lag, and packet loss. And with our Video API we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your customers have a clear, smooth video experience from start to finish.

Manage bandwidth for complete control

Sometimes, you don’t need to see (or hear) everyone in a Video room—but participants can still be soaking up precious bandwidth, impacting the overall streaming quality. With the Telnyx Video API mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, developers have the option to control bandwidth for any given stream on mobile devices.

By choosing to pause a subscription developers can control the bandwidth capacity provided to a given mobile device, as media will not flow to a device when it’s paused or stopped. This helps manage CPU resources and memory consumption, and improves overall call quality for users.

Build a demo app in minutes in the Mission Control Portal to see and hear the quality of Telnyx Video and Voice.

Build on a Video API that scales with you

Selecting a video solution that’s equipped to support your growth projections saves time and resources upfront and down the line. The Telnyx Video API includes extensive SDKs and documentation for seamless volume and bandwidth expansion, to help you build for scale from day one.

Pay-as-you-go Video API

Create a video solution that fits perfectly into your bigger picture—and don’t pay for anything more or less. With Telnyx, you only pay for what you use, no matter your size. Pricing starts at $0.00295/ participant/ minute, plus your chosen additional features.

Try the Telnyx Video API

Ready to build your dream Video application? Get started straight away with our developer docs or reach out to a member of our team.

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