A2P 10DLC industry updates and everything you need to know

[Webinar] A2P 10DLC: Everything You Need to Know

The landscape of SMS is changing rapidly, and the rollout of A2P 10-digit long code presents a major shift in how businesses message consumers. 10DLC is the first number type specifically dedicated to A2P traffic, and offers a way for businesses to send high throughput messages to customers cost effectively and quickly.
Make sure to check out our webinar recording, where we covered the following topics to help your business best prepare and take advantage of this industry change.
  • Overview of A2P SMS Landscape
  • What is 10DLC?
  • Benefits of 10DLC
  • Who is affected by 10DLC
  • 10DLC vs. Other number types
  • How to register for 10DLC with Telnyx
  • 10DLC throughputs and message limits
  • 10DLC costs
  • Next steps with Telnyx 10DLC
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