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Industrial IoT

industrial robot controlled by IoT sim card

One provider for global, secure IIoT connectivity

Industrial IoT (IIoT) organizations are tired of SIM swaps, multiple SKUs for the same equipment in different locations, connectivity drop-outs and cyber risk. Telnyx IoT SIM cards provide a single M2M eUICC SIM (available in embedded MFF2 and triple-size SIM card form factors) for demanding industrial applications, with intelligent network switching and Private Wireless Gateways to keep your devices securely away from the public internet.


Global connectivity from one M2M SIM

Deploy the same equipment, with the same SKU, anywhere on earth. Telnyx SIM cards have always-on intelligent roaming with a simple zone-based PAYG pricing structure.


Networks accessible in 180+ countries

High-quality access to major networks

Telnyx SIMs connect to all major U.S. networks, we have direct roaming agreements in dozens of countries for the best in coverage, latency and bandwidth.


Blended population coverage in the U.S. Canada

How It Works
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    Order SIM cards individually or in bulk

    Scale-friendly SIM pricing with no minimum order quantity and fast global shipping means you can procure the SIMs you need on-demand. Our M2M eUICC SIM cards come in a standard multi-form factor package including 2FF(Mini), 3FF (Micro), and 4FF(Nano). Or, choose our new embedded MFF2 form factor.

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    Activate SIMs remotely with usage-based activation

    SIM cards can be held in a deactivated state at zero monthly cost, or placed in a cost-saving deployment-ready standby state. In this state, SIMs will activate automatically when a small threshold of data usage is crossed, saving money and adding efficiency to your IIoT deployments.

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    Manage and monitor SIM fleets via portal or API

    Activation and deactivation, data limits and alerting, network priorities, IMEI locks, public IP addresses, data usage and alerting, ICCIDs, IMSIs, phone numbers, device location details and connectivity logs can all be administered via a simple UI or robust API.

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    Scale IIoT deployments globally

    Access to 650+ networks in 180+ countries via an always-on intelligent roaming scheme means your SIM cards connect to the best available network out of the box—no matter where they are.


Scale secure industrial connectivity with IoT products

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The Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT)—also known as industry 4.0—is the transformational automation of traditional manufacturing processes using M2M and IoT technologies. The iIoT is already revolutionizing manufacturing, enabling the acquisition and accessibility of data faster and more efficiently than ever before.