Use Cases

Phone Number Masking

Protect personal user information for enhanced customer privacy

Phone numbers are tightly tied to a person’s online identity and safety. The onus is on businesses to safeguard the privacy of their customers and workers. Use call masking to mask phone numbers and anonymize voice calls or texts, enabling user-to-user communication without revealing personal phone numbers.
How it works
  • Call is initiated in app

    A call is made from Telnyx to the end user’s device phone number. Call Dial Info

  • Driver answers

    Places a call to the customer with "from number" set as a virtual or anonymous number. See call docs

  • Customer answers

    The calls are bridged together, allowing the customer and agent to communicate while maintaining privacy. Call bridge Docs


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Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Number Masking

Phone number masking (also known as call masking) is a privacy solution that is used by businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity and privacy. Call masking works by anonymizing the participating phone numbers by connecting the call through a temporary proxy phone number, and is a solution often used by e-commerce, ride sharing, and food delivery companies. By utilizing Voice APIs and a pool of temporary virtual numbers to connect the customers and the agents, customers and gents can communicate without revealing their personal phone numbers to each other. The number masking feature also allows companies to choose the different, virtual phone number that is displayed on the recipient’s device.

Number masking helps to protect private information.

  • Phone number masking increases security for businesses and customers by anonymizing the numbers used during calls. Masking real numbers with a virtual one protects user privacy and revenue by keeping all calls on your platform.
  • Protect your phone number. Keep your business phone calls separate from your mobile phone number.