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Phone number masking

Man receives text message in car

Protect customer & agent privacy with anonymous calling

Phone numbers are tightly tied to a person’s online identity and safety. The onus is on businesses to safeguard the privacy of their customers and workers. Use call masking to mask phone numbers and anonymize voice calls or texts, enabling user-to-user communication without revealing personal phone numbers.


Set up in minutes

Simple XML-based scripting allows for bridging two or more calls with intuitive syntax. Or, use our powerful REST API for real-time responsive call flows.


Minutes to build an XML-based voice app with TeXML

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Our award-winning support teams have direct troubleshooting access to our private network infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of our APIs for faster resolutions.


Rated CPaaS platform for customer results, G2 Winter 2023

How It Works
  1. 1

    A caller places a phone call to a recipient

    Whether it's a customer, a third party or your organization's representative, calls can be initiated via standard dialing or via web or mobile app.

  2. 2

    Anonymous phone calls are initiated in your Telnyx application

    When the caller initially places the call from their device, they are automatically connected on their end of the call.

  3. 3

    Recipient receives a call from a masked or customizable number

    The recipient receives a phone call from the Telnyx core network, from a display number that's fully customizable within your Telnyx application.

  4. 4

    Both ends of the call are bridged without numbers being revealed

    When the recipient answers, Telnyx bridges the recipient's active call and the caller's active call together, allowing both parties to communicate with carrier-grade phone call audio, and without exposing either phone number to the other party.


A suite of telephony tools to protect caller privacy

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    Build masked-number calling with Telnyx and Java

    Using our brand-new Java SDK and the Telnyx Voice API, we build an advanced masked-number calling application.

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    Make a call to an iOS mobile app

    Set up and use the Telnyx RTC Native SDKs in your iOS app to receive calls with push notifications.

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    Build a voice app with TeXML in 5 minutes

    Learn how to write a simple voice calling app using straightforward XML scripting and low-code deployment in the Telnyx portal.

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Phone number masking (also known as call masking) is a privacy solution used by businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity and privacy. Number masking also allows companies to choose different virtual phone numbers to display on the recipient’s device.