Verify API: User authentication made easy

Add reliable security to your systems through multiple channels. Use a single phone verification API to reach users across all devices.
Verify API: User authentication made easy

Verify users via their preferred channel.

  • Send two factor authentication codes via more channels than any other CPaaS provider.
  • Leverage one API to generate, deliver, and quickly authenticate users across the world.
  • No need for users to download and configure a separate app to securely access your service.

Verification Channels


Send 2FA codes via SMS with scalability across all devices and global locations.


Send your 2FA code via voice using text to speech, in localized languages.

Flash Call

Automatic interception of 2FA codes when customers accept an incoming call.

Easy integration with our Learn & Build tool

Verify allows you to deliver two factor authentication code via multiple channels.

Step 1 - Create a 2FA profile that contains the configurations for sending out two factor authentication codes.

Step 2 - Select a verification method and enter a valid phone number you have access to so you can receive your code via SMS or phone call.

Maximum security at your fingertips.

  • Reliable Authentication

    Reliable messaging for scalable delivery on our private network.

  • Analytics

    Client based DLRs give detailed insight into how customers interact with your messages.

  • Verified Sender IDs

    Send from short codes or use custom alphanumeric sender IDs for instant recognition.


What will you build with Verify?

  • Secure Login Requests

    Username and password combinations aren't secure enough. Add SMS or voice authentication for another layer of security.
  • Device Authentication

    Validate customers’ identities with a single-use, time-expiring authentication code to reduce fraudulent action.
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  • Confirm Account Changes

    Require users to enter an authentication code to confirm any changes made to account settings.
  • User Registration

    Implement a second authentication method via mobile device before users can create an account on your platform.
  • Fraud Protection

    Prevent attempts to create fraudulent or spam accounts and protect your digital community.
  • PSD2 Compliance

    Stay PSD2 compliant by enabling transaction verifications for online purchases greater than 30 euros in the European Economic Area.

How will you use Verify for Enhanced Security?

  • E-Commerce and Retail

    Confirm e-commerce transactions with a one time pin, or validate buyers and sellers before money transfers.
  • Healthcare

    Leverage two factor authentication to safeguard sensitive patient information and meet HIPAA compliance regulations.
  • Education

    Protect student information in the age of digital learning, with secure access to institutional resources.
  • Banking

    Verify user identity before approving account changes, transfers, or other high risk actions.

Choose Telnyx to power your 2FA.

The Telnyx SMS API comes with powerful features like number pooling, sticky sender, and message queuing to ensure highest deliverability.

With robust developer documentation and SDKs, we make it easier to navigate our APIs with minimal resources and help you get to market faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Authentication is a means of verifying one’s identity, and two-factor authentication (2fa) is a method of establishing access to an online destination, by requiring users to provide two different types of information. One common mode of single factor authentication is the username password pair. With 2FA, users need to both provide a password and prove your identity some other way to gain access. A common 2FA method is to send a time expiring one time password, sent to a mobile device via SMS in addition to username and password.

A two factor authentication code, or otherwise referred to as OTP (one time password), is a secondary means of authentication required to get access to a user account. This is sent as a message to the number saved on the account, after the user logs in with their email and password.

You will first need to create a 2FA profile that you will use to send your 2FA codes and where you will receive your responses. Secondly, to send the 2FA code, you need to input the phone number that will receive the message. Finally, the user will send the code they receive on their device back and if it matches the code that your profile sent out, the verification was successful and the customer has access to their account.

The Verify component of the Mission Control Portal is currently in development but will be live mid October. Once live, you will be able to create a Verify profile and a verification code within the section of the portal.

You can access the API in our Mission Control Portal and follow the simple steps under the Verify section. Alternatively, you can follow the developer docs to start sending 2FA codes via our API implementation.

You can check out our Verify developer docs.

Most of our users implement two-factor authentication to improve the security on their customers’ accounts. 2FA helps achieve this goal by requiring users to provide another method of identity validation in addition to username and password.

Check out our pricing page for more information.