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Fax | Complete Guide to Fax

Surprising to most, fax technology was actually invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain. But it wasn’t until 1964 that the first modern fax machine was introduced for commercial use.

As new means of communication and sending documents have emerged, fax still remains one of the most reliable ways to send documents in the business world. In this guide, we’ll cover why fax has stood the test of time, and how it has evolved to remain one of the safest methods of communicating.

Send Documents Securely

There’s no denying the role technology plays in our daily lives. From transportation to communication, it’s nearly impossible to go a full day in the developed world without using technology at least once. While most of us appreciate the convenience, few of us take the time to recognize and protect ourselves from certain security risks that come along with living in the digital age.

Learn how to keep your information safe with our guide to sending documents securely.

Fax is Here to Stay

If you were to stop a person in the street and ask them to name the most obsolete technology, they’d probably say the pager. But we have a sneaking suspicion that the fax machine would be a close second. The only thing is, those people couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ll concede that fax machines may not be as popular as other forms of communication, like email or cell phones. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t widely used across the globe. In fact, while most people would assume the numbers of faxes being sent has been steadily declining, recent reports show the opposite to be true.

Why Hospitals Still Use Fax

When first introduced, fax technology was a game changer for the healthcare industry. It provided doctors and other healthcare professionals a way to securely exchange sensitive information in real-time. However, in 2009, an investment by the federal government sought to help digitize medical record keeping.

The HITECH Act did successfully incentivise the transition of medical records to digital files. But it fell short when it came to transitioning how patient information was shared between medical organizations.

Learn more about why hospitals still use fax.

HIPAA Compliant Fax

In a study from 2018, it was found that fax still accounts for nearly 75% of all communication in the medical industry. And there's a good reason for that. There are many health platforms that have entered the market, all with proprietary data formats. Which has made finding a standardized go-between difficult for providers.

Luckily, fax technology has been regulated by HIPAA standards for quite some time. Making it an important part of healthcare communication.

Learn more about how HIPAA regulates fax technology.

Is Fax More Secure than Email?

If you’re looking for convenience, it’s hard to argue against email. On the other hand, if you’re looking for security, fax still reigns supreme. Realistically, it makes the most sense for businesses to employ both fax and email for communication. Email because it’s more widely adopted, and fax when you need to send information that is more sensitive in nature.

Learn why fax is still considered more secure than email.

Email to Fax

While fax technology is still thriving across various industries, bulky fax machines are becoming less common in offices. Instead, fax technology has evolved to meet the needs of modern day business. Which means outdated machines have largely been replaced with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

As one of the leaders in the industry, Telnyx has created a programmable fax API that allows you to send faxes from your email.

Get Started with Programmable Fax

Looking to get started with programmable fax for your business? With Telnyx, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your documents will be sent safely and securely with our fax over private IP. With our powerful RESTful API, you’ll have access to unmatched developer experience and support, allowing you to automate your processes, secure communication, and eliminate errors.

Talk to one of our experts to get started with Telnyx’s programmable fax API.

Learn more about Fax API features and what you can build.