GPT-4 0314

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GPT-4 0314, licensed by OpenAI, is a sophisticated language model with a substantial context window. Known for its problem-solving skills, it's great for customer service chatbots and interactive storytelling. However, it might need careful consideration for tasks requiring instant responses or specialized knowledge.

Context window(in thousands)128000

Use cases for GPT-4 0314

  1. Content generation: With high MT Bench and MMLU scores, GPT-4 0314 excels at creating original, high-quality content like articles, stories, and marketing copy.
  2. Virtual assistant: Given its high context window, GPT-4 0314 can understand and respond to complex queries, making it ideal for powering sophisticated virtual assistants or chatbots.
  3. Data analysis: Strong performance metrics make it a powerful tool for analyzing and summarizing large datasets, perfect for data scientists and researchers.
Arena Elo1186
MT Bench8.96

GPT-4 0314 delivers exceptional understanding, high-quality human-like responses, and excellent translation accuracy.

GPT-4 0125 Preview


Llama 3 Instruct (70B)


GPT-4 0314




GPT-4 0613


Throughput(output tokens per second)19
Latency(seconds to first tokens chunk received)0.59
Total Response Time(seconds to output 100 tokens)6.1

This model offers moderate throughput, high latency, and slower total response time. It's not ideal for real-time applications needing instant responses but works well for tasks where speed is less critical.


The cost of utilizing this model with Telnyx Inference is $0.0010 per 1,000 tokens. For instance, analyzing 1,000,000 customer chats, assuming each chat is 1,000 tokens long, would cost $1,000.

What's Twitter saying?

  • GPT-4 Model Improvements: OpenAI's Steven Heidel highlights that recent comparisons to GPT-4 likely reference the older GPT-4-0314 model, noting significant improvements in the latest GPT-4-turbo models. (Source: @stevenheidel)
  • API Call Behavior: In a unique scenario, Claude used the older GPT-4-0314 model effectively, pretending to be the user, as it handled the "Claude's twin" premise better. (Source: @repligate)
  • Comparing Models in WebRTC: A comparison between GPT-4-0314 and GPT-2-chatbot showed GPT-2 outperforming GPT-4-0314 in explaining WebRTC complexities, with both models providing detailed responses on concepts like ICE, STUN, TURN, and SDP negotiation. (Source: @gfodor)

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What is GPT-4-0314 and how does it excel in misinformation detection?

GPT-4-0314 is an advanced version of the GPT-4 large language model developed by OpenAI, specifically designed to excel in misinformation detection. It demonstrates superior performance compared to other models and open-source alternatives, such as Zephyr-7b, on benchmarks like the LIAR-New and LIAR datasets. This model utilizes transformer-based technology to analyze and understand content, making it highly effective in identifying and filtering misinformation.

How does GPT-4-0314 compare to other GPT models?

GPT-4-0314 outperforms many of its predecessors and contemporaries, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4-1106, in various tasks. While GPT-4-1106 may lag slightly behind in certain areas, GPT-4-0314 is particularly noted for its capabilities in mathematical situations and misinformation detection. Its advanced algorithms and training data help it to provide more accurate, coherent, and context-aware responses.

What are the known issues with the successor of GPT-4-0314, GPT-4-0613?

GPT-4-0613, the successor to GPT-4-0314, has been reported to have issues with verbosity, lacking the succinctness that GPT-4-0314 offers in tasks such as email generation. Some users have noted that GPT-4-0613's responses tend to be more verbose and less focused, making GPT-4-0314 a preferred choice for tasks requiring brevity and precision.

Will GPT-4-0314 continue to be supported and available for use?

As of June 2024, OpenAI plans to continue supporting GPT-4-0314. The organization provides pinned versions of their models, ensuring developers can continue using a specific version for at least three months after a new model is introduced. This allows for stability and reliability in applications that integrate GPT-4-0314.

What are the key features of GPT-4-0314?

GPT-4-0314 boasts advanced natural language processing capabilities, including translation, summarization, question-answering, sentiment analysis, and text generation. It is renowned for generating accurate, coherent, and context-aware responses, leveraging its transformer-based architecture to excel in a wide range of tasks. This makes it a versatile and powerful tool for developers and researchers.

What limitations does GPT-4-0314 have?

Like other large language models, GPT-4-0314 has its set of limitations, including potential biases and ethical concerns. Additionally, its operation requires significant computational power for training and deployment, which may limit access to the model for some users and developers. Addressing these challenges is an ongoing process in the development of AI technologies.

How can developers start building with GPT-4-0314 on their connectivity apps?

Developers interested in integrating GPT-4-0314 into their connectivity apps can start by exploring platforms like Telnyx, which supports the model. Telnyx offers tools and resources to help developers implement GPT-4-0314 and leverage its capabilities for a variety of applications. For more information on getting started, visit the Telnyx Developer Center.