LATA and Tandem Switch Data

Comprehensive local exchange information for both PSTN and VoIP numbers.

Robust Network DetailThe most robust source of North American routing data. Reveal number details like carrier, rate center, LATA and locality.
Industry-Wide RelevanceSwitch data is useful for any type of service: wireless, wireline, VoIP, interexchange and local exchange.
Source of TruthA large portion of the Switch Database is input directly by service providers or the regulatory agencies that manage this data.

Accurate Rating, Routing and Billing

Modern routing and billing systems require accurate, up-to-date information about numbers and their location on the telephone network. Leverage Telnyx’s privileged access, power precise rating, direct routing, proper billing and shorter connection times.
Starting at $0.0075/query.

Comprehensive Exchange Info

For any telephone number, reveal:
  • Operator carrier number and name
  • Type of service (wireline, wireless, VoIP)
  • LATA ID and name
  • Locality
  • State
  • Rate center name

Rate Center Lookup

In our secondary endpoint focused on rate centers, search by different parameters and access related geographic information.
  • Find RC via exact name
  • Search RC by string
  • Find RC via location
  • Find RC via number Whatever the workflow, the Telnyx Switch Database can help you, your users or your system find the most relevant rate center.

Switch Data API

Leverage the Telnyx Switch Database for programmatic access to the most comprehensive routing information. Use the developer API to power rating or billing systems or OTT communication applications.The Switch Database is accessed via HTTP request. Find local exchange details by phone number, or find rate centers by name or location.
curl -X GET \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Token API_TOKEN" \

// Example response
   "tn": "3129457420",
   "ocn": "984E",
   "carrier_name": "BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - IL",
   "mapped_svtype": "0",
   "lata": "CHICAGO ILLINOIS",
   "locality": "CHICAGO ZONE 01",
   "localitystate": "IL",
   "ratecenter": "CHICAGO ZONE 01",
   "ratecenterabbreviation": "CHICGOZN01"

Switch Data Features

Switch Information

Includes details like LATA, rate center and locality.

Carrier Details

Find out carrier name, number and type of service.

Rate Center Search

Lookup rate centers by location, name or number. Search on partial strings.

Accurate Information

Directly sourced from NPAC agencies or self-reporting carriers.


Data for developers. All our data is delivered via programmatic API.

Real-Time Data

Details are updated in as close to real time as possible, as underlying databases are known for authority and frequent updates.

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