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Outbound Voice

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Outbound Voice

Experience crystal clear calling anywhere in the world.

  • Leverage Telnyx’s World-Class PSTN Interconnects and our ability to dynamically analyze routes to ensure the highest quality termination paths
  • Experience true reliability delivered by the redundancy, diversity and resiliency of Telnyx’s purpose-built network and multiple Points-of-Presence
  • Scale up with Unlimited Concurrent Calling to international destinations with no limitations or restrictions so that you never have to worry about capacity

Configure your own Fraud Protections and usage limits with notifications, destination restrictions and maximum rate thresholds
  • Encrypt your SIP trunking to protect your communications by enabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)
  • Use outbound profiles and tagging to segregate your traffic for Multi-Tenancy Control and enable custom reporting