Real-Time Call Routing (LRN)

Real-time LRN information for exact, programmatic call rating, routing and billing.

Accurate Routing and BillingLRN is the efficient way to determine proper routing and billing.
Up-To-Date DataTelnyx’s API updates directly from the NPAC LRN database in real time.
Determine TrustRecent ports can indicate inaccurate contact information when authenticating leads.

Local Routing Numbers

LRN data simplifies the complex routing requirements of modern telephony.

Modern Necessity

Decades of PSTN evolution have introduced state and LATA jurisdictions, number portability and VoIP calls, and each new development further complicated call routing and billing. Modern carriers use LRN data to quickly route calls to their proper jurisdiction and bill at the correct rate. Connecting calls without knowing the LRN typically costs carriers more and results in slower connections.

Least Cost Routing

LCR starts with LRN. Methods, strategies and software for minimizing routing costs and maximizing profits are worthless until the system can identify exactly where the call originates and where it is headed. Use our LRN dipping service to power your routing systems with the most accurate and up-to-date record.
Starting at $0.0015/query.

NPAC-Authorized LRN Distributor

One of only six distributors authorized to access the master LRN database, Telnyx brings you the most accurate and up-to-date LRN record. Solutions that rely on secondary sources are forced to update on a delay and can’t guarantee accurate information. A ported number’s status is reflected in the Telnyx LRN API as soon as it is updated in the NPAC LRN database.


LRN Lookup

Send Telnyx a 10-digit phone number, and we’ll return that number’s Local Routing Number. Perform an LRN dip via HTTP, SIP, DNS ENUM or XML UDP request.

Extended LRN Lookup

Use our extended lookup to access other metadata, like:
  • Whether a number has ever been ported
  • Wireline, wireless or VoIP
  • The carrier’s
    • OCN
    • SPID
    • Name
    • Type
curl -X GET \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "Authorization: Token API_TOKEN" \

// Example response

   "tn": "3129457420",
   "lrn": "2245701999"

LRN Data Features

Real-Time Data

Porting details are updated in real time from the NPAC database.

Extended Lookup

Access carrier and number details beyond the LRN.


Data for developers. All our data is delivered via programmatic API.

Flexible Access

Request data via HTTP, SIP, DNS ENUM or XML UDP.

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