Release notes

  • 20, Oct 2021

    Set Data Limits on Telnyx SIM Cards

    Telnyx customers can now control and monitor data usage on a per-SIM-card basis and on SIM groups.

  • 15, Oct 2021

    Add your allowed IP addresses in Mission Control

    Add your allowed IP addresses to your Mission Control Portal account.

  • 4, Oct 2021

    Available Now: Dynamic e911

    Dynamic e911 provides accurate location information at the time of an emergency call using Dynamic Location Routing.

  • 22, Sep 2021

    Telnyx releases premium Answering Machine Detection

    Make more accurate classifications with premium Answering Machine Detection from Telnyx

  • 17, Sep 2021

    New Product Beta- Telnyx Video Rooms

    We’re opening our latest Video product to beta users

  • 16, Sep 2021

    Telnyx updates International Number Search and Order

    We've updated our Number Search and Order APIs to make it even easier to buy numbers, all around the world.

  • 15, Sep 2021

    New SHAKEN/STIR verstat parameters

    We've added two new verstat parameters to give you more insights into SHAKEN/STIR call verification and attestation results.

  • 3, Sep 2021

    SHAKEN/STIR attestation is now available in Call Detail Records

    You can now view your SHAKEN/STIR call attestations.

  • 1, Sep 2021

    Find Detail Records for Product Usage via API

    With the beta release of the Detail Record Search API, developers can find call detail records (CDRs), message detail records (MDRs) and WhatsApp message records with simple commands and filtering.

  • 31, Aug 2021

    Telnyx unveils a new Media Storage API

    Upload, store & serve media in your calls, texts and faxes.

  • 13, Aug 2021

    Users can set Caller ID on Outbound Calls generated using TeXML

    Set Caller ID on outbound voice with TexML

  • 3, Aug 2021

    We're making updates to conference call billing

    If you're using our conferencing feature, you'll start to see some changes in your billing.