Release notes

  • 10, May 2021

    Announcing Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

    We're excited to bring the full power of Telnyx to Android and iOS, with the beta launch of our new SDKs in Swift and Kotlin.

  • 10, May 2021

    Deprecating Group Membership and introducing more powerful permission controls in the Mission Control Portal

    We're making changes to how permissions are managed within permission groups in the Mission Control Portal.

  • 27, Apr 2021

    Telnyx now offers Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

    Telnyx is happy to announce that we now support Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, meaning you can enjoy higher quality calls on your favorite communications platform.

  • 19, Apr 2021

    Speech-to-Text Transcription for Voice Calls

    Transcribe speech to text in real-time, directly from your voice calls.

  • 15, Apr 2021

    Improving Supervisor Behavior in Conferences

    We're updating how supervisor roles interact with mute and hold operations on Call Control Conferences.

  • 7, Apr 2021

    Introducing the Reassigned Numbers Database and what it means for your business.

    Telnyx is notifying customers of the establishment of a Reassigned Numbers Database by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

  • 31, Mar 2021

    New Debugging Tools for Webhooks, TeXML, and Fax in the Mission Control Portal

    It's now easier than ever to debug your Programmable Fax and TeXML communications, all from the Mission Control Portal.

  • 22, Mar 2021

    Telnyx SIM Usage Based Activation

    We’re excited to announce that our Wireless SIMs now have usage based activation.

  • 17, Mar 2021

    GBP Billing Is Available

    Today, Telnyx is delighted to announce that our customers can now choose to pay and see pricing in pounds Sterling (GBP). This new functionality is part of a wider multi-currency initiative, which aims to make the Telnyx platform easier to use, for both new and existing customers.

  • 17, Mar 2021

    Telnyx Billing [RELEASE NOTES & Updates]

    We’re happy to announce a new feature — Billing Groups — which makes it easy for you to categorize usage reports and end-of-month invoice records.

  • 17, Mar 2021

    Instituting Billing and Reporting for WebRTC

    Starting Monday, March 29, 2021, Telnyx is instituting billing and reporting for WebRTC usage. This release note outlines what this change means for customers, and how WebRTC calls are billed, reported, and invoiced.

  • 10, Mar 2021

    Register for 10DLC via Mission Control Portal

    Our newest portal feature allows customers to register 10DLC brands and campaigns with ease.