Release notes

  • 6, Mar 2019

    New Features: Sticky Sender and Geomatch

    We've added two new features to help you get the most from Telnyx Messaging, Sticky Sender and Geomatch.

  • 28, Feb 2019

    Enhanced CNAM for Canada Calls with Telnyx

    We've updated CNAM for calls to and from Canadian numbers.

  • 28, Feb 2019

    Telnyx: Smart Localized Caller IDs

    We've updated Caller ID capabilities for outbound calls to the PSTN.

  • 8, Feb 2019

    New Feature For Customizing Inbound Call Regions

    This new feature allows you to select the region from which you'd prefer to receive inbound calls.

  • 1, Feb 2019

    SMS Long Code Fee Changes at Telnyx

    From February 1, 2019, some major US wireless carriers will begin charging fees for outbound SMS messages sent from long codes.

  • 30, Jan 2017

    Rate Center Search Released

    Our Rate Center Lookup is here, and we’re delighted to share it with everyone! We’ve got a lot of exciting things in store for you, and this rate center search is just one of many tools and updates that we’ll be releasing in 2017.