Release notes

  • 8, Oct 2019

    TeXML Translator Now Available

    We’ve added a new feature to the Call Control API — TeXML Translator, designed to make it fast and easy for customers using an XML-based solution to switch to Telnyx.

  • 26, Sep 2019

    WebRTC JavaScript SDK

    With the release of this Javascript SDK, you can start to extend the dependability of our global VoIP network to your users’ browsers. Build your own WebRTC clients, powered by the Telnyx network, and start making and receiving crystal clear calls.

  • 13, Sep 2019

    Australia Mobile Voice & Messaging by Telnyx

    We’ve just launched two-way voice and SMS on Australian mobile numbers.

  • 9, Sep 2019

    Telnyx: UK Mobile Voice & Messaging Now Available

    We’ve launched Telnyx two-way voice and messaging for UK mobile numbers.

  • 28, Aug 2019

    Telnyx API v2: Simplified Messaging Schema

    We’ve streamlined our endpoints to make it easier for you to find what you need, faster.

  • 22, Aug 2019

    Launch of AMD Feature on Telnyx | Telnyx Release Notes

    We’re delighted to announce the launch of Telnyx Answering Machine Detection, now available with the programmable voice API — Call Control. Using Answering Machine Detection, you can deliver a better calling experience, at the same time gathering valuable data about how often your outbound calls are picked up by humans or machines.

  • 22, Aug 2019

    Telnyx: New SIP Subdomains for Calls

    With SIP Subdomains for inbound calls, you can now receive SIP calls made over the internet to your subdomain, and then route them to your connection.

  • 5, Jul 2019

    Change Your Messaging Traffic Type

    You can now update your Messaging Traffic Type from P2P to A2P via our RESTful API or Mission Control Portal.

  • 6, Jun 2019

    Telnyx Portal Update: Enhanced Messaging & Org Management

    We've revamped the Messaging and Organization sections of our Mission Control Portal.

  • 5, Jun 2019

    New Telnyx Messaging Pricing & Global Coverage

    We've released a new Mission Control Pricing page for Messaging, and reduced our rates for MMS.

  • 13, May 2019

    Telnyx Portal: New Navigation Update

    We've added a fresh new look to the header and sidebar of the Mission Control Portal.

  • 4, Apr 2019

    Introducing SIP URI Feature at Telnyx

    SIP URI gives you the ability to receive calls over the internet by simply sharing your username with anybody who has access to a VoIP solution.