Release notes

  • 13, Aug 2021

    Users can set Caller ID on Outbound Calls generated using TeXML

    Set Caller ID on outbound voice with TexML

  • 3, Aug 2021

    We're making updates to conference call billing

    If you're using our conferencing feature, you'll start to see some changes in your billing.

  • 1, Jul 2021

    New Webhook: Identify Dominant Speaker in Call Control Conferences

    Telnyx Voice API users can now receive webhooks when the dominant speaker changes in conference calls.

  • 25, Jun 2021

    Send newly-created invoices to multiple email addresses

    Telnyx users can now specify a list of email addresses (in addition to their account's primary email address) to receive newly available invoices for a given account.

  • 23, Jun 2021

    New Feature: Send Two-Factor Authentication via WhatsApp

    We're excited to announce that your Verify API now supports delivering a verification code through WhatsApp messages.

  • 18, Jun 2021

    New Feature Release: Call Queueing

    We're excited to unveil call queueing capabilities, now available via the Telnyx Voice API, Call Control.

  • 10, Jun 2021

    New feature release: Quality of Service (QoS) Reports for Voice Calls

    Our newest feature allows users to troubleshoot call quality issues in Mission Control.

  • 1, Jun 2021

    Single Sign-On (SSO) for the Mission Control Portal

    We're pleased to unveil our new single sign-on (SSO) capabilities in the Mission Control Portal. Business accounts can now take advantage of streamlined security and efficiency in their organization's user access management.

  • 27, May 2021

    Updates to Call Control Webhooks

    We're making a phased change to Call Control identifier webhooks. Here's how to make sure your communications are unaffected

  • 25, May 2021

    New Features: Verify API Voice, Flash Call, and API Updates

    Our Verify API now offers Voice and Flash Call as channels for sending two factor authentication codes.

  • 19, May 2021

    Vet your 10DLC brand via Mission Control Portal

    Our newest portal feature allows customers to vet their 10DLC brands to obtain a higher brand score.

  • 10, May 2021

    Announcing Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android

    We're excited to bring the full power of Telnyx to Android and iOS, with the beta launch of our new SDKs in Swift and Kotlin.