Release notes

  • 10, Jan 2022

    Updates to Porting Endpoints

    We’ve added new parameters to porting endpoints

  • 17, Dec 2021

    SIM Card Status Change Notifications

    You can now send email notifications to any address when one of your SIM cards changes status.

  • 17, Dec 2021

    View SIM Card Location and Device Details

    You can now view an estimate of your SIM card location and detailed information about the device in which the SIM is inserted in the Mission Control Portal and via the Telnyx API.

  • 17, Dec 2021

    View SIM Card Actions in the Portal or via API

    You can now view a detailed log of SIM card actions in the Mission Control Portal and via the Telnyx API.

  • 17, Dec 2021

    Access SIM Card Usage and Info as JSON via API

    You can now access detailed metrics about your SIM card data usage and sessions in JSON format via the Telnyx API.

  • 17, Dec 2021

    SIM Card Theft Prevention

    You can now choose to add up to 5 authorized IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers to a Telnyx SIM card, and set that SIM card to auto-disable when it recognizes a device with an unauthorized IMEI.

  • 15, Dec 2021

    Voicemail Beta Now Available | Telnyx Release Notes

    We are excited to announce the Beta release of our new Voicemail feature.

  • 15, Dec 2021

    We’re enhancing our TeXML Call Queuing Feature

    Take advantage of enhanced Call Queuing for TeXML, today.

  • 8, Dec 2021

    Receive Faxes to Your Email Inbox

    You can now receive inbound faxes in the form of an email.

  • 9, Nov 2021

    Port Order Comment Notification | Telnyx Release Notes

    Receive webhook notifications when new comments are added to your Port Order.

  • 26, Oct 2021

    Webhooks for Dominant Speaker Changes

    It's now easier than ever to analyze your usage of Telnyx products and find specific usage detail records, all from inside the Mission Control Portal, with Detail Record Search.

  • 25, Oct 2021

    View Detailed Connectivity Logs for Wireless SIM Cards

    Telnyx Wireless users can now find and troubleshoot connectivity issues more easily with insight into SIM activity directly from the Telnyx mobile core.