Release notes

  • 15, Jun 2022

    Telnyx Voice API now supports integration with Dialogflow ES.

    Telnyx Voice API users can now send audio calls to Dialogflow and receive a response from the call bot

  • 10, May 2022

    New API for WhatsApp Message Template Management

    Build message template management directly into your application with the new API.

  • 14, Apr 2022

    Telnyx Video API now live for all users

    Telnyx Video API is now live for all users. Get started with our APIs today.

  • 18, Mar 2022

    Telnyx launches AMD Support for TeXML.

    Increase the efficiency of your Contact Center with Answering Machine Detection support for TeXML.

  • 14, Mar 2022

    Set email alerts for SIM card data usage in the Mission Control Portal

    Get customized email alerts when a SIM card nears a data usage threshold, and configure separate data thresholds for warning and auto-disable.

  • 21, Feb 2022

    Telnyx releases Google Verified Calls for use with voice products

    Telnyx SIP Trunking and Call Control users can now add their business name, logo, and reason for calling to outbound calls.

  • 14, Feb 2022

    Specify your Data Storage Location in the Mission Control Portal

    Make a one-time selection of where your detail records at-rest will be stored.

  • 4, Feb 2022

    Telnyx successfully implements SHAKEN/STIR call signing in Canada.

    Telnyx is pleased to announce its continued SHAKEN/STIR compliance in North America, with the news that from February 1st, 2022, Telnyx natively signs all calls originating from Canadian CLIs on our platform.

  • 1, Feb 2022

    New 2-Way SMS Numbers Added | Telnyx Release Notes

    We’ve updated our SMS coverage to an additional 9 countries.

  • 28, Jan 2022

    We've made it easier to add allowed IPs in Mission Control

    Ensure robust and secure communications with Telnyx by adding your allowed IP addresses in the portal.

  • 24, Jan 2022

    SIM Card Status Change Webhook Notifications

    You can now send webhooks to your applications to notify them when one of your SIM cards changes status.

  • 10, Jan 2022

    Updates to Porting Endpoints

    We’ve added new parameters to porting endpoints