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How Answering Machine Detection helps your call center

Make the most of your contact center with premium voicemail detection from Telnyx.

Fiona McDonnell
Feature Image highlighting Premium Answering Machine Detection
Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a Voice API feature that determines whether a machine (like a voicemail) or a human has answered a call. AMD is often used by call centers to help filter out calls that are going to be answered by a machine, in order to help their agents connect and deliver their message to actual people. In short, AMD increases the efficiency of call centers by steering clear of voicemails.

Standard vs. Premium Answering Machine Detection

Answering Machine Detection comes standard with our Voice API product, but at Telnyx, we know that sometimes businesses need more accurate information, faster. That’s why we’ve developed premium Answering Machine Detection, which uses advanced speech recognition technology and a machine learning process to achieve exceptional accuracy in determining whether the call has been connected to a live person or a voicemail.

How do they differ technically?

The standard Answering Machine Detection algorithm uses voicemail tone detection to identify whether a call has been answered by a human or a machine. Detection accuracy can be tested and refined using configurable time-windowing parameters.
Premium Answering Machine Detection uses advanced Voice Activity Detection (VAD) to make more granular classifications of the call result. It can identify—and importantly, differentiate—between silence, an answering machine greeting, a human residence greeting, or a human business greeting.
Through knowing what’s happening on the other end of the call—whether the agent has reached a residence or business—teams can program their apps to play pre-recorded tracks, without having to connect to an operator, saving time and resources. This also helps ensure that the right message gets delivered to the right recipient, at the right time. This knowledge keeps your call center ticking over, and highly efficient.

The Telnyx Difference

Unlike other CPaaS providers, Telnyx owns a private, global network that takes media off the overloaded public internet. Aside from being more secure, this also results in industry-low latency, enabling premium AMD to make decisions about who or what is answering the call and send appropriate responses in record time, helped by our high speed Call Control API.
If you’re interested in learning more about Answering Machine Detection or Call Control from Telnyx, check out the docs or reach out to our team today.
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