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[Demo] Using AI to transcribe audio

Watch our demo to see how to transcribe and summarize audio files in under a minute with Telnyx Storage and Inference.

Marlo Vernon

By Marlo Vernon

Demo video banner of Telnyx storage bucket summarizing audio file

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the way we automate complex processes, analyze vast datasets, and generally make our work more efficient. We’re excited to demonstrate how Telnyx’s Storage, Speech-To-Text, and Inference APIs work together to summarize audio files in under a minute—with just the click of a button.

See Telnyx’s transcription capabilities in action

This quick and efficient audio file summary offers significant time savings, as well as improved accessibility of information. AI-powered summaries extract key points and takeaways from files to grasp the essence of the content, without having to listen to hours of audio or read through lengthy transcripts.

In our latest demo, James Whedbee, VP Engineering, uses Telnyx APIs to summarize a 17-minute speech John F. Kennedy gave at Rice University in under a minute.

Transcribe and summarize audio files in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal from Telnyx on Vimeo.

How Telnyx Storage, Transcription, and Inference work together to summarize audio files

Summarizing audio files involves three different tools. However, all of them integrate seamlessly in our Mission Control Portal or via API to make the process smooth, efficient, and easy for users.

You can see how James summarizes a 20 MB audio file in the video, but here are the three simple steps that make audio summaries possible:

  1. Upload a file to Telnyx Storage. In the Portal, just click the "summarize file" button, or you summarize via API.
  2. Our in-house transcription endpoint will take the audio file and generate a full transcript of the audio file.
  3. This transcription is then passed to our OpenAI-compatible Chat Completions endpoint to summarize the transcript.

The entire process is carried out on Telnyx infrastructure and APIs. Open-source models run on our dedicated GPU network. So, if you already use OpenAI’s SDK, it's a simple drop-in replacement to switch over to Telnyx.

Sign up for a free Telnyx account in our Mission Control Portal to transcribe and summarize audio files. Or, take a look at our API docs to learn more.

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