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How to text Germany: A guide for SMS communication

This guide provides helpful tips for texting in Germany. Learn how to send text messages to Germany and avoid common mistakes.

By Adeniyi Makinde

Are you struggling to send text messages to Germany? Texting Germany requires an understanding of the local phone number structure, country codes, and adherence to specific communication regulations. This guide is designed to help business professionals, marketers, and individuals navigate the nuances of sending SMS messages to Germany.

Sending a text to Germany

Phone numbers in Germany are usually made up of 10 to 11 digits, which include the country code. The structure is such that the country code (+49) comes first, then the area code, and finally the individual's phone number. As an illustration, a Berlin phone number could be formatted as +49 30 1234567, with "30" representing the area code for Berlin.

German phone number formatting

Understanding the structure of German phone numbers is crucial. The country code for Germany is +49. The format includes the country code, followed by an area code and the subscriber's number (the rest of the digits). Area codes in Germany can vary in length from 1 to 5 digits, with the subscriber's number making up the rest to a total of 10 to 11 digits.

For example, a number in Berlin might appear as +49 30 1234567, where "30" is the area code for Berlin.

A number in Munich might be formatted as +49 89 12345678, where "89" is the area code for Munich.

German country code

Including the country code is essential when sending text messages from outside Germany. To dial a German number from abroad, replace the leading zero of the area code with the country code. For example, to text a number like 030 1234567, you would dial +49 30 1234567.

Staying compliant while texting Germany

When texting Germany, it's important to adhere to local regulations and etiquette. Key points to consider include:


Ensure you have explicit consent from the recipient before sending promotional or marketing texts.


Clearly identify yourself as the sender and provide an easy way for recipients to opt out of future messages.

Data protection

Comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other local data protection laws when handling personal data.

Cultural sensitivity

Be mindful of cultural norms and avoid sending messages during national holidays or late at night.

5 steps to send a text to Germany

  1. Start with +49 to indicate the message is intended for Germany.
  2. Ensure the number includes the area code (without the leading zero) and the local number.
  3. Familiarize yourself with German regulations regarding SMS communication.
  4. Choose a service that supports international texting and offers features like delivery confirmation.
  5. Compose and send your message.

Best practices for texting German numbers

In Germany, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national laws like the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telecommunications-Telemedia-Data Protection Act (TTDSG) is crucial for businesses engaging in texting practices. Central to this compliance is obtaining explicit, informed consent from individuals before sending text messages. This consent must be freely given and easy to withdraw, ensuring that individuals are fully aware of and agree to the data processing activities.

The processing of personal data must adhere to GDPR principles, emphasizing lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and purpose limitation. Data minimization and accuracy are also key, ensuring that only necessary data is collected and kept up-to-date.

Special attention is required when handling sensitive personal data categories, which demand stricter processing rules and often require explicit consent. Organizations must respect the rights of individuals, including access to their data, the right to rectification, the right to object to processing, and the right to erasure (the right to be forgotten).

Transparency is vital, necessitating clear privacy notices at data collection points, outlining the purpose of data processing, retention periods, and individuals' rights. Additionally, organizations may need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), especially if they process sensitive data on a large scale or engage in systematic monitoring of data subjects.

In summary, best practices for texting in Germany under GDPR involve clear opt-in mechanisms for consent, easy options for opting out, and regular reviews of data processing practices. Organizations must ensure that their texting practices are transparent, compliant with legal requirements, and respectful of individual privacy and data rights. Given the complexity of GDPR, professional legal advice is recommended to ensure full compliance with these regulations.

Choosing the right greeting for your text message to Germany

In Germany, the greeting in a text message is important for setting the right tone. It should be appropriate for the context and the audience.

For formal messages, use "Sehr geehrte/r [Name]" (Dear [Name]) or "Guten Tag [Name]" (Good day [Name]). For example, “Sehr geehrter Herr Müller,” or “Guten Tag Frau Schmidt.” These convey respect and professionalism.

For informal messages, "Hallo," "Hi," or "Hey" are more casual and friendly, suitable for friends or acquaintances.

The nature of your relationship with the recipient is important in choosing the right greeting, with formal greetings for new or professional contacts and informal ones for friends or existing customers.

Text Germany: how to get started

With these tips and recommendations, you're ready to send SMS messages to Germany with confidence. Whether you're sending a personal message or business communication, understanding the formatting and regulatory compliance is essential to ensure your message gets delivered.

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Note: This is not legal advice. Consult your legal team and the appropriate regulatory authorities before beginning an SMS message campaign in Germany.
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