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Twilio sunsets Video API in December 2024 [Key facts]

Upgrade your video communication as Twilio Video sunsets. Experience seamless integration and enhanced capabilities with Telnyx.


By Emily Bowen

Twilio will sunset its video API by December 2024, so current Twilio Video users will need a dependable alternative for video communication. Never fear: Savvy users can migrate to Telnyx Video API, a better alternative for unparalleled connectivity and communication solutions.

Don’t wait for Twilio to end-of-life their product. Read on to explore our suite of features that guarantee a seamless transition for Twilio users and elevate your overall digital communication experience so you can make the switch to Telnyx, the better Video API, today.

Get started with Telnyx Video API to experience programmable, customizable, and scalable video experiences today.

Understanding the complexity of video communication

Video communication is a multifaceted and complex concept, demanding a delicate balance between various functionalities. At Telnyx, we recognize that the core of effective video products lies not just in the video element itself but also in the seamless integration of different connectivity methods.

At Telnyx, our video communication solution integrates a variety of functionalities for optimal performance. These functionalities include

  • Enabling call dial-in using SIP and voice API, ensuring versatile connectivity options
  • Efficient management of multi-participant rooms, facilitating collaborative interactions
  • Delivering high-quality video feeds, ensuring clear and effective visual communication.

Leveraging the reliability of our global private network, optimized for real-time communication, we offer a full spectrum of building blocks for best-in-class communication solutions. This encompasses not only our extensive coverage of global numbers and PSTN but also our dedication to delivering high-quality voice and video services. Together, these elements ensure a comprehensive, reliable, and superior communication experience across all platforms.

Migrating video from Twilio to Telnyx

Transitioning from Twilio Video to Telnyx Video API means you’ll elevate your video communication capabilities. Choosing Telnyx over Twilio offers a meticulously designed solution set that simplifies the intricacies of video communication, providing a straightforward and effective approach to what is inherently a complex field.

Our solutions are crafted with the user's needs in mind, streamlining the migration process with our easy-to-use APIs and dedicated engineering support. We excel in providing a smooth transition to our robust platform, which offers comprehensive global number and PSTN coverage. Our commitment to high-quality voice and video capabilities ensures an enhanced communication experience, making the shift to Telnyx not only seamless but also significantly advantageous.

Feature comparison: Telnyx vs. Twilio for video

The discontinuation of Twilio's video product gives businesses and opportunity to explore new, innovative solutions. Telnyx offers a comprehensive suite of video communication features designed to meet and exceed modern communication needs. Let’s examine what makes Telnyx an ideal choice for those seeking an advanced, reliable video communication platform.

Screen sharing☑️☑️ Available, enhanced user experience
Call recording☑️☑️ High-quality, easily accessible
PSTN dial-in☑️☑️ Global numbers, superior integration
Speaker detection☑️☑️ Advanced detection for better engagement
Video chat API☑️☑️ Robust, customizable for diverse applications
Participants API☑️☑️ Efficient, scalable management

The Telnyx Video API doesn’t just offer features equivalent to Twilio Video. It enhances them to provide an even better user experience. From advanced screen sharing and high-quality call recording to global PSTN dial-in capabilities and sophisticated speaker detection, Telnyx is equipped to handle the complexities of modern communication demands.

Telnyx's advanced video features

Telnyx Video is designed to master the complexities of video communication, standing out with unique features that ensure a superior user experience. Here's how Telnyx differentiates itself:

Voice quality leadership

We're leading the industry in voice quality, investing in technologies like HD voice, noise suppression, and more. Our series on HD voice codecs and noise suppression in conversational AI demonstrates our commitment to crystal-clear audio in voice and video communications.

Media forking

Media forking unlocks new insights and capabilities, as outlined in our resource on Media Streaming. This feature allows for real-time data analysis and processing, enhancing the utility of video communication.

Enhanced call debugging

Our advanced call debugging tools offer unparalleled support for troubleshooting and optimizing communication flows.

Many-to-many video calls (Telnyx 'Rooms')

Our 'Rooms' feature provides a robust platform for high-volume, interactive video experiences, tackling the challenges of large-scale video interactions with ease.

Video composition

This tool streamlines the process of reconstructing video room recordings, making it easier to review and analyze important video content.

Telephony integration

Our integration with telephony bridges the gap between traditional and modern communication methods, simplifying the inclusion of PSTN participants in video sessions.

Choosing Telnyx Video API over Twilio Video means upgrading to a solution where quality, innovation, and customer support come together. Our dedication to refining the intricacies of video communication, backed by our state-of-the-art features, positions us as the premier choice for businesses looking for enhanced video communication solutions.

Already convinced? Talk to a Telnyx expert to make the switch to Telnyx Video API, or get started right away in Mission Control.

Enhancing video communication with Telnyx’s voice and SIP traffic expertise

As you choose a new video API provider, it's essential to understand the pivotal role of voice and SIP traffic management in enhancing video communication. This section explores how Telnyx leverages its extensive experience in these areas to provide superior video communication services, a crucial consideration for businesses seeking a robust and reliable alternative to Twilio.

Let's take a closer look at Telnyx's solutions for managing voice and SIP traffic, designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Telnyx telephony expertise in action

Our collaboration with top customers is a testament to Telnyx's expertise in SIP and voice traffic management, demonstrating our ability to provide innovative solutions beyond conventional video communication. This is particularly relevant for organizations considering a switch from Twilio Video to Telnyx Video, as it highlights our adaptability, quality, and scalability—key factors in choosing a new video communication provider.

Advanced SIP capabilities

For those transitioning from Twilio Video, Telnyx’s strong foundation in SIP technology offers a seamless shift. Our expertise ensures your communication needs are met with high-quality audio and robust call control features, essential for comprehensive video communication solutions.

Voice traffic management

We can’t overstate the importance of clear, uninterrupted voice communication in video calls and our ability to manage voice traffic effectively. Superior audio quality in video communications—like what Telnyx provides— is a crucial aspect of choosing a provider that businesses often overlook, especially at scale.

Scalability of RTC apps

A key concern when switching providers is the ability to scale. Our work with Covia demonstrates Telnyx’s capability to handle high volumes of concurrent communications without sacrificing quality. This scalability is vital for businesses looking to grow or manage large-scale video communications.

Adaptability and customization:

The unique needs of our customers’ audiences require a tailored approach. Our iterative, personalized response reflects Telnyx's commitment to customization and adaptability, reassuring those transitioning from Twilio that their specific communication requirements will be met with the same level of customization and attention to detail.

As we explore Telnyx's voice and SIP traffic management offerings in more detail, it becomes evident how our solutions are aligned with and capable of enhancing modern business communication needs. This capability is especially pertinent for those considering a shift from Twilio Video, as it showcases our commitment to quality, scalability, and tailored solutions in video communication.

Voice and video combine for enhanced communication

Our voice and SIP traffic management solutions are comprehensive and tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Here's an overview of the features Telnyx Video API offers:

FeatureTelnyx differentiators
Voice call recordingProvides high-fidelity recordings with easy integration. Customizable settings for selective recording enhance data management and compliance with privacy regulations.
Custom voice routingFlexible routing options enable users to optimize call paths for quality and cost. Supports global connectivity with localized experiences, crucial for businesses with international operations.
Debugging, alerting, and reportingComprehensive tools for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of voice and video streams. Insightful analytics aid in performance optimization and proactive issue resolution.
Media forkingAllows simultaneous streaming of media to multiple endpoints for real-time analysis or recording. Enhances capabilities in areas like AI-driven insights, compliance monitoring, and data-driven decision-making.
APIsExtensive API suite enables automation of complex workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency. Key for scalable, agile communication strategies.
Global numbersProvides extensive coverage with local and international numbers, enhancing global reach and local presence. Essential for businesses aiming to establish a local identity in multiple markets.
Noise cancellationState-of-the-art noise cancellation technology ensures crystal-clear audio quality, vital for professional communication and in noisy environments.
Quality of serviceCommitment to unmatched voice quality and reliable service delivery. Prioritizes smooth, uninterrupted communication for customer satisfaction and business continuity.
Screen sharingEnhanced screen sharing capabilities for collaborative and interactive experiences. Ideal for remote work environments, educational settings, and virtual team meetings.
Speaker detectionAdvanced technology to identify and highlight active speakers in a video call, improving meeting engagement and focus. This is particularly useful in multi-participant scenarios.
Video chat capabilitiesRobust and customizable video chat options cater to a wide range of applications, from simple one-on-one conversations to complex webinars and interactive events.
Participants managementEfficient and scalable for large-scale interactions.

Our standout features, such as media forking and advanced call debugging, illustrate our commitment to innovation and quality in voice and SIP traffic management.

Choose Telnyx for high-quality programmable video

Telnyx offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet and anticipate our customers' needs.

Choosing Telnyx means partnering with a team that prioritizes your success. Our award-winning 24/7/365 support—offered at no extra cost—reflects our dedication to our customers. We’re here to help, especially during crucial transitions like migrating from other services. Our support goes beyond problem-solving. We focus on providing knowledge and tools to empower you.

Our private global network is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable communication, regardless of your location. We also offer competitive, straightforward pricing and don’t charge you extra to add features.

The sunsetting of Twilio's video product gives you the opportunity to choose a partner that offers an enhanced alternative for your communication needs. Our comprehensive video and voice solutions, supported by our global network and exceptional customer support, distinguish us in the market.

Our blend of innovative technology, reliable quality, and customer-focused service sets us apart from other providers. Telnyx is equipped to support businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to growing startups, as you move forward into the next phase of digital communication. Choose Telnyx Video API for a programmable, customizable, scalable video experience on a private, global network.

Contact our team of experts to begin your seamless transition to Telnyx Video API, the better video solution.

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