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Telnyx is Your Premier Toll-Free Provider

Telnyx is a full-stack toll-free provider that helps you get a toll-free number, choose routing options, and more.

By Josh Whitaker


Interested in finding a better toll-free solution, saving costs on toll-free service or fortifying a large toll-free deployment? Find out why Telnyx leads the pack for toll-free Call Control, cost and resiliency.

Independent Control of Toll-Frees

Telnyx is an independent RespOrg — a term for the organizations that manage the North American toll-free number system. A RespOrg:

  • Maintains toll-free number registration in the SMS/800 registry.
  • Services toll-free numbers and their connections with carriers.
  • Updates toll-free routing tables.


With Telnyx, it's easy to get a toll-free number. You can provision any toll-free number not currently in use and port any of your existing toll-free numbers to our service. Telnyx also maintains Tier-1 interconnects with all major carriers, so you can dictate which carrier your toll-free numbers will be routed to. Combined with Telnyx’s control over toll-free routing tables, we can update number routing preferences at 15-minute intervals, improving call quality and cost.

Disaster Recovery

Telnyx offers the most resilient toll-free service in the industry because we maintain redundant connections with each toll-free carrier. Each carrier interconnect has a failover line for connectivity issues, and we can exclude any specific carrier that is experiencing issues from our routing table. That means our toll-free numbers always connect, even during large regional outages.

Least Cost Routing

Not only better service, but also less expensive rates. Our multi-carrier architecture allows us to always choose the least expensive carrier for every call and to update routing tables as their rates change. We pass on the savings of our LCR strategy to our customers, making our toll-free service the highest quality option for the lowest cost.

All-In-One Numbering

Toll-Free SMS

Don’t limit your customer conversations to only voice. Text messaging can be a powerful way to communicate with an audience, whether through SMS short code, long code or toll-free numbers. And when texts originate from a toll-free number, it bolsters the legitimacy of the message. Telnyx offers SMS-enabled toll-free numbers, available in our embeddable number search via SMS API, and can enable SMS on any toll-free number ported to Telnyx’s service.

International Coverage

Telnyx is a direct numbering resource in North America, and we pursue that strategy abroad as well. Get a toll-free number in over 70 other countries to improve your international coverage.

All Numbering Needs

One provider, one unified numbering solution. By building a database of owned numbers, we can service your needs for vanity toll-free numbers, contiguous number blocks and numbers containing repeating digits or specific numbers. And as a Tier-1 carrier, Telnyx can work with local regulators to help you purchase phone numbers that meet even your most particular numbering needs.

About Telnyx

Telnyx delivers voice, messaging and more for applications and next-generation communications companies. Built on top of a global IP network, the Telnyx telephony engine is a full-stack solution to real-time communications that delivers the reliability of the public-switched telephone network without sacrificing the flexibility and innovation of internet RTC. Reach out to our customer success team to learn more.


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