ISDN Replacement Communications Services

Get true local presence and effortless global scale with the next-generation voice network.
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Search a deep inventory of local, mobile, and toll-free numbers.

  • Find Your Dream Number.
    Search our fully-owned inventory of Australian +61 numbers by type, location or number string, via UI or API.
  • Hassle-free Porting.
    Port in existing numbers seamlessly through our Mission Control Portal, without needing to work with your old provider.
  • Regulations? Sorted.
    We’re a licensed carrier in Australia, so you never have to worry about navigating red tape.

Get ahead of the ISDN shutdown with future-proof communications

Licensed Carrier

We're a licensed carrier in Australia, with access to local telephony assets.

Local Presence

Route calls through our Sydney AnchorSite point of presence (PoP) for ultra-low latency.

Global Reach

Private MPLS fibre backbone and redundant PoPs across the globe for 99.999% uptime.

Unmatched Control

Our Mission Control Portal enables real-time monitoring and multi-tenant billing.

Number Search

Search for Australian local, mobile and toll-free numbers by line number or location.

Hassle-free porting

Enjoy faster, easier number porting, without having to deal with your old carrier.

Enterprise Quality

Choose from better-than-ISDN audio and video codecs for crystal-clear quality.

24/7 Support

Talk to on-call engineers in the US, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, and Australia.

Easily integrate Telnyx with any platform

We’re all too aware of how tricky it can be to get up and running with NBN-ready voice connectivity, so we built a whole suite of tools to make the job easier.

Our Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) guides will help you migrate your existing Twilio or Plivo applications to use the superior Telnyx network Down Under in a matter of minutes.

We also have handy configuration guides for a whole range of PBX platforms, softphone clients, and communications solutions, so you can concentrate on your customers, not your setup.

Use our self-service Mission Control Portal

Use our self-service Mission Control Portal or API to customize your configuration:

  • Authorize connectivity via IP address, FQDN, or user credentials.
  • Set up multiple IP failovers on your SIP trunks.
  • Anchor call media to a specific PoP via AnchorSite.
  • Choose your SIP transport protocol (UDP, TCP, TLS).
  • Choose a specific number format.
  • Specify which audio or video codec to use for your call media streaming.
  • Use SIP flow ladders to debug faulty connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re a fully licensed carrier in Australia, which means we can offer services other cloud comms providers can’t, like emergency calling, number portability, and faxing support.

Absolutely - as a SIP trunking provider, we’ve always been at the forefront of internet-centric communications. By running your voice comms on the Telnyx network, you don’t need to worry about Telstra’s shut-down of the copper-wire ISDN in 2022.

Yes - as a licensed carrier, we have direct access to a deep inventory of +61 numbers. You can search, buy and provision local, mobile, and toll-free (1300 and 1800) numbers through our portal or API.

It’s better - we offer a range of high-definition video and audio codecs so your media is crystal clear, and we have a dedicated point-of-presence in Sydney to give your calls ultra-low latency.

Yes you can! With Telnyx, you can automate huge parts of the process, and monitor your port request in real-time through the Mission Control Portal, without having to deal with your old provider.

Absolutely - our global IP network allows you to reach anywhere on the planet with enterprise-quality voice and messaging. We’re also a licensed carrier in 25+ countries, giving you premium access to numbers and telephony resources across the globe.

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