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Mass text messaging: How to get started with Telnyx

Learn about the benefits of bulk SMS for your business, and what makes Telnyx the perfect platform for sending mass texts.


By Emily Bowen

Sending bulk sms messages to a group

Mass text messaging is an effective tool for reaching a broad audience quickly, which is crucial for any business aiming to enhance communication efficiency. This post will guide you through the advantages of using mass SMS messaging for various business purposes, such as text message marketing, customer service, and secure login processes. You'll also learn the practical steps to implement this technology using Telnyx, from setting up an account to sending messages effectively.

What is mass text messaging?

Mass text messaging refers to the process of sending high volumes of SMS—or sometimes MMS—messages to large groups of recipients at once. We sometimes use the term "bulk text messaging" when referring to this type of communication.

The technical term for these types of messages is application-to-person SMS or A2P SMS. This term highlights that computers—rather than humans—manage the sending process due to the volume of messages involved.

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Mass text messaging for business use cases

Businesses almost exclusively use A2P text messaging. It's rare for individuals to need this capability for large-scale messaging. So we’ll focus only on business use cases for this type of messaging.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing represents the most prevalent application of bulk text messaging. With engagement rates soaring, 60% of recipients read texts within five minutes of receiving them.

Sending SMS messages is both simple and cost-effective. The process requires minimal logistics, and you can often send messages for less than a penny each via bulk text messaging services. Given its impressive engagement rates and potential for high returns, many companies invest heavily in SMS marketing.

Text-based ordering

Sending and receiving text messages is straightforward, and it doesn’t require a smartphone. The low barrier to entry makes this method accessible to a wide audience. Text-based ordering enhances customer convenience, particularly for those without access to online ordering platforms.

The costs associated with sending and receiving text messages are minimal, making text-based ordering a cost-competitive option that can be cheaper than online alternatives. This approach is highly effective for providing a broader base of customers with remote ordering options.

Text alerts and reminders

Thanks to their superior engagement rates, text messages outperform emails in delivering relevant notifications, such as appointment reminders. Additionally, SMS's cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to communicate urgent information efficiently.

Login authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS is an essential security feature for businesses, especially as the financial repercussions of data breaches grow. SMS for 2FA is cost-effective and integrates seamlessly into existing security frameworks, offering a robust layer of protection for business operations.

As we consider the wide-ranging applications of mass text messaging, it's clear that its benefits extend beyond basic communication, providing critical solutions across various business needs.

Benefits of mass text messaging

Here are some of the specific benefits of sending messages at scale:

Broad reach

Nearly 17 billion mobile devices are active globally, a number Statista expects to grow to 18 billion by 2025. Nearly all these devices can receive SMS messages, making SMS an effective method to connect with a vast customer base.

Friendly communication

SMS messaging supports one-on-one conversations. If you send personalized messages, you can transform a business exchange into a friendly dialogue, which is crucial for fostering customer relationships.

Detailed performance tracking

SMS provides comprehensive performance tracking. You can monitor metrics like open, click-through, and response rates to fine-tune your SMS campaigns and maximize results.

Receptive customer base

Sending business-related SMS messages requires prior consent from recipients. SMS opt-ins fulfill compliance requirements and ensure your messages reach an interested contact list, enhancing response rates.

Easy integration

Modern SMS APIs facilitate the seamless integration of SMS capabilities into existing business systems, eliminating the need to introduce new technology to your infrastructure.

Excellent versatility

SMS text messaging is a versatile and efficient channel for various business communications. Incorporating SMS into your communication strategies often leads to enhanced outcomes like higher deliverability, greater engagement, improved retention and exponential revenue.

Now that we've explored the benefits of bulk texting, let’s explore how to get started.

How to send mass text messages with Telnyx

Using an API is necessary for sending mass text messages. The API integrates with your existing software to streamline SMS communications. Follow these simple steps to send bulk SMS messages with Telnyx:

  1. Create a Mission Control Portal account
  2. Buy an SMS-capable phone number
  3. Create a messaging profile
  4. Assign the new number to your messaging profile
  5. Get your API key
  6. Send messages with the Telnyx API

For more detailed information on bulk messaging setup, check out our Dev Docs tutorial.

Partner with the right provider to maximize your mass text messaging success

Choosing the right provider can significantly impact the success of your messaging campaigns. With Telnyx, you get an SMS API designed to send large volumes of messages quickly and effectively, ensuring your communications reach your audience without delay.

Our service offers global coverage, so no matter where your customers are, they receive your messages promptly thanks to our extensive network of carrier connections. Telnyx's infrastructure is built for high-volume messaging, handling thousands of messages per second, perfect for both time-sensitive notices and large-scale campaigns.

Our intelligent routing, which guarantees fast and reliable delivery, and our real-time analytics, which let you monitor campaign performance and adjust for maximum engagement, set Telnyx apart. Plus, with our built-in compliance tools, you can send messages confidently, knowing you adhere to global regulations.

Whether you’re just beginning to send text messages in bulk or looking to enhance an existing setup, Telnyx provides a scalable and reliable solution that integrates effortlessly into your existing systems.

Contact our team to start scaling your business messaging. Or try our API for yourself by creating a free Telnyx account.

Commitment to ethical messaging practices

Telnyx takes its responsibility for mass text messaging seriously, maintaining high standards of integrity and ethical practices. Our SMS API includes advanced security measures to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of both senders and receivers.

We comply with global regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which mandates opt-in consent and clear opt-out options for all communications. By preventing the misuse of our services for spam or harassment, we protect your brand’s reputation and build trust with your customers.

Businesses using Telnyx can trust that they are leveraging a powerful communication tool committed to ethical standards and customer privacy.

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