Release notes

  • 30, Oct 2020

    Numbers (SIP and VoIP) [RELEASE NOTES]

    You can find all the latest updates and release notes together here.

  • 23, Oct 2020

    Telnyx launches new UK number ranges

    Telnyx is adding to our existing UK offering with our new UK number ranges so we can continue to help businesses scale, all over the world.

  • 23, Sep 2020

    We’re Updating Number Search in the Mission Control Portal

    We’ve changed the design of our Numbers page to make it easier for both new and existing users to navigate number search and ordering.

  • 14, Sep 2020

    Telnyx Wireless has Officially Launched

    We’re excited to announce the official launch of our latest product—Wireless, the global cellular IoT connectivity solution that gives developers more control than any alternative.

  • 11, Sep 2020

    Telnyx: Migrate Legacy Voice Profiles Now

    We’re migrating Legacy Conversational Outbound Voice Profiles to our new experience in the Mission Control Portal.

  • 27, Aug 2020

    New Features: Receive Inbound Fax via API

    Our engineers have been hard at work adding new features and functionality to our Programmable Fax API. Today we’re excited to share some big news Inbound Programmable Fax is here!

  • 24, Aug 2020

    Update: Telnyx Outbound Voice Profiles

    We’ve made changes to our Outbound Voice Profiles and will be removing the ability to create legacy Outbound Voice Profiles and configurations.

  • 7, Aug 2020

    JSON Web Tokens for easy, secure SIP auth of WebRTC clients

    We’re excited to announce the availability of JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), available via the Telnyx API.

  • 7, Aug 2020

    JSON Web Tokens - Easy, Secure SIP WebRTC Auth

    We’re thrilled to unveil the newest building block in our secure voice offering. Starting today, Telnyx users can authenticate with JSON Web Tokens in place of SIP credentials.

  • 6, Jul 2020

    Java SDK now available with the Telnyx SMS API

    It just got simpler to integrate messaging into your Java application.

  • 6, Jun 2020

    Australian Billing Available

    Telnyx customers can now choose to pay and see pricing in Australian Dollars.

  • 15, May 2020

    Telnyx Launches Programmable Fax API

    We’re excited to announce a new Programmable Fax API product, available via the Telnyx API.