Release notes

  • 7, Aug 2020

    JSON Web Tokens for easy, secure SIP auth of WebRTC clients

    We’re excited to announce the availability of JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), available via the Telnyx API.

  • 7, Aug 2020

    JSON Web Tokens - Easy, Secure SIP WebRTC Auth

    We’re thrilled to unveil the newest building block in our secure voice offering. Starting today, Telnyx users can authenticate with JSON Web Tokens in place of SIP credentials.

  • 6, Jul 2020

    Java SDK now available with the Telnyx SMS API

    It just got simpler to integrate messaging into your Java application.

  • 6, Jun 2020

    Australian Billing Available

    Telnyx customers can now choose to pay and see pricing in Australian Dollars.

  • 15, May 2020

    Telnyx Launches Programmable Fax API

    We’re excited to announce a new Programmable Fax API product, available via the Telnyx API.

  • 12, May 2020

    New Feature: Telnyx Video Calling with React Native Support

    Get started with Telnyx video calls using the latest version of our WebRTC SDK that now includes support for React Native!

  • 28, Apr 2020

    Telnyx SMS API v2: Field Deprecation Update

    We have deprecated some API fields for our V2 messaging endpoints.

  • 15, Apr 2020

    New Outbound Voice Product: International Conversational Direct

    Find out how to enable premium routing for international outbound calls with Telnyx International Conversational Direct.

  • 25, Mar 2020

    Telnyx Launches AnchorSite™ in Frankfurt

    We're excited to announce the addition of AnchorSite™ capability to our point-of-presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. With this release, Telnyx expands the capability and configurability of our global network.

  • 3, Mar 2020

    Host SMS with Telnyx: Keep Your Voice Provider

    In the US and Canada, you can now add Telnyx SMS to landline numbers without changing your existing voice provider.

  • 28, Feb 2020

    Secure Telnyx Login with TOTP Authentication

    Telnyx has implemented a TOTP (time-based one-time password) login feature for the Mission Control Portal.

  • 14, Feb 2020

    Telnyx WebRTC & SDK Update: Enhanced Reliability

    We’re excited to announce a new version of our Telnyx WebRTC and JavaScript SDK is now generally available.