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Switching to Telnyx Will Make Your Customers Happier

Communications technology has come a long way, and users have become accustomed to clear, dependable connections.

By Josh Whitaker

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For businesses, customer satisfaction is king, and for applications and providers, customer satisfaction hinges mostly on service quality. Communications technology has come a long way, and users have become accustomed to clear, dependable connections, whether it’s voice calls, video calls, chat, or SMS.

So issues with in-app communications or call quality irritate people much more than they used to.

On the other hand, if you deliver service that meets and exceeds expectations, your customers are especially stoked.

Telnyx is a tier 1 communications carrier that provides a self-serve, configurable platform that helps applications and providers improve end-user satisfaction. This is how Telnyx helps you exceed your customers’ expectations:

Superior call quality, fast service, and extensive features.

Voice calling is so ubiquitous these days, that crisp, reliable voice communication is basically table stakes for any application or provider. However, there are some ways to take your VoIP calling to the next level:

  • Elastic SIP Trunking. Eliminate the need for a physical connection to your phone company. Elastic SIP trunking connects VoIP calls through a virtual “trunk” that utilizes your existing internet connection. The best VoIP carriers use private networks for their SIP connections, which keeps your calls off the public internet for better security and reliability.
  1. Shorter Implementations. A simple and streamlined number porting process enables you to bring new customers online faster, and minimize end-user service interruption during the process of bringing customers over from competing applications and providers.

  2. Complete Feature Set. Meet end-user needs with configurable caller ID, call forwarding, call recording, and real-time communications analytics. All this, while delivering standard services like E911. The Telnyx platform is completely configurable using the Mission Control Portal, so you can use these features how and when you need them

Telnyx is an industry leading Cloud Communications Platform.

While you’re concerned with your own customers’ satisfaction, Telnyx is concerned with your satisfaction. Telnyx is rated by our customers as the best Cloud Communications Platform on G2 Crowd.

Telnyx not only provides outstanding service that will improve your customer satisfaction, our platform delivers industry-leading ease of use, ease of setup, and ease of administration. This saves you time and money when you need to expand your service or implement new features, and ensures that you’ll be just as happy with Telnyx as your customers are with you.

If you run an application or are a provider, and you want to make your customers happier, contact our customer success team to learn more about becoming a happy Telnyx customer.

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